Your setups




Thanks Adam


Yes it is a loft/attic conversion. This space is at my home and is used for jamming / idea generation. No sound treatment. Was thinking when I have enough material - i’ll look at proper monitors for mixing either side of my iMac - prob genelec or dynaudio and some basic sound treatment. It’s a hobby for me - so just enjoying it for what it is - not taking it too seriously :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, it’s really not that hard to make! The only thing you really have to build is the rack bridge, I basically just measured from the lower shelf of the Rast upward to the height that 4U is. After that I just screwed a long board across the top and painted it all. I’d say i’m pretty handy but I’m definitely no carpenter. All you need is the parts I mentioned, a measuring tape, a saw, a drill and some screws. I decided to make mine after hours of looking at people’s setups online and decided I wasn’t going to pay several hundred or thousands for something that doesn’t even make any sounds, hah. I think you should give it a shot, unless you don’t have an Ikea near you! Also, the Ikea desk is already painted. As far as the rack bridge I just asked the paint people at home depot for advice on a matte black finish that isn’t too glossy and is able to be wiped down, they recommended an egg shell finish. I painted it with foam paint rollers.



That looks like a room in which stuff actually gets done. It must be a blast to get all of those sequencers and samplers going at once.


what are the gameboys running? i bought a cartriddge last year that turns it into an fm synth (i think) that i’m blanking on the name of only to remember once it arrived that my GB has been dead for a decade :[


Lsdj and nanoloop


Man it is but I simplified to mostly the digitakt at the moment to learn workflow. Tried the Digitone but had to take it back it wasn’t intuitive enough for me.





4op 4life!


stack up a few tx81z’s underneath those beauties!!


My last gig set up.


couldn’t help but shrink it down eventually. less is more at its best. i consider it as my most plenteous setup yet.


That’s the only reason, it’s like holding your gat sideways :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally got to play the CraftSynth from the MPC, thanks to an iconnectivity midi to convert midi to usb.
With Autosampling I’m spending more time sampling and making programs than music…


I’m going to try to do a show or two in Iceland next summer on a little vacation and figured I’d have to pack light, so I’m going to spend the winter developing solo Octatrack ideas that I’ve been fiddling with over the last couple years. I slid the modular out of the way so I could focus. I’ve played bits in sets of these OT only ideas but never a full set, so it’ll need a lot more work. I’ll be in Wisconsin in the summer too, so may try to just go ahead and do a few shows next summer up there with ‘just’ the Octatrack too, maybe string together a Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Chicago kind of excursion.

Now we’ll see how much I can get accomplished during the school year, but shows always put a nice bit of pressure to get stuff done :slight_smile:


Was wondering, what kind of music do you make? How do you interface the OT with Max?


Oh, I don’t interface it with MAX, I’ve been developing a patch to use with my modular via an ES8.

The explorations on solo OT are in the single cycle waveform zone. Sounding like computer music almost. League of Automatic Music Composers, Florian Hecker, Marcus Schmickler, Alku/EVOL, that sort of thing I guess is what I hear anyway.