Your setups


no place left for your keyboard/touchpad though


I grabbed 2 at that price and a black Keystep lol :joy::joy::joy:


The Peak is not well placed yet. There is plenty of room for the Keyboard below the iMac and i dont like the mouse. Ordered a trackpad that will be placed whereever is room. Usually when recording a Jam Session i hardly use the Keyboard, mostly the trackpad. Now Ihave 14 days to testdrive this Setup before i would have to return to my rusty 2011 MacBook.


Are you happy with the Peak?


I love it! Sound and UI seem to be created just for me. Its a pleasure to work with. And it matches very well in a mix without muddying it. Listen to it:


Definitely a decent price. I’m just torn because I don’t want to have a black and a white one so now I might have to sell my white one.


That’s what I did I sold my white Beatstep and Keystep and grabbed these it’s worth it they look way cooler than the white ones


I use a avatone for mixing and a sub don’t need anything else for speakers tbh


I’ve never been a fan of the white. No clue why they thought that was a good idea, they should’ve offered both colors from the get go.


My cave.


Nice floors.


@EightySix What workstation desk is that?

I’m looking for a workstation desk that’s more than 42”-L, has rack mounts and that’s black.

I have a vintage keyboard and it hangs over my workstation.


It’s an Ikea Linnmon table top with four adjustable legs. I built the rack bridge using two Ikea Rasts and a long board from the hardware store, I just trimmed them down to how I wanted them, screwed it all together and painted it. It’s a pretty easy build for an average person. The Rasts are some sort of night stand or something but they are exactly 19" wide, perfect for rack units. Once it was all done I bought 4U rack mount brackets from Sweetwater and screwed them in. I used the largest Linnmon top they make, it’s just under 60 inches long and 29" wide. I also built the keyboard drawer with parts from Home Depot. It’s funny because people pay thousands of dollars for desks exactly like this but Mine cost about $200.


Wow dude. Props on the desktop hacks.
It easily looks like a 500$ & up workstation.

Rite now with my computer on the top shelf my 5” monitors next to it have no room at all. They are at the very edge and just about brushing my computer.
And didn’t think about not having rack mounts when I purchased it, just saving money.

Here’s the studio desk I have.–on-stage-stands-ws7500-wooden-workstation-black

Ideally I want to upgrade to something in the 60” x W range to accommodate my keyboard.

That’s awesome tho that you were able to have your finished desk project look that clean.
I don’t know if I’m that adventurous to try tho.
Maybe if they have a black ikea desk already painted I might give it a go.


My electro command station is more or less complete. I can make room for a couple more pedals should my x-mas wishes come true. The ergonomics has me feeling like King Tubby when I record. :smiley:

Most notable additions:
-TT-606 is back. Like any analog drum machine, some processing works wonders. I find the hats need a bit of dirt, hence the Moog Minifooger Boost.
-There’s also a MOTU traveler tucked back there under the UltraLite MK4, running in via ADAT for more inputs, plus an old MIDIMAN 2ch. A/D to give me all 18 inputs.
-Analog Drive makes the Monologue sound even more fun for the filter mod bleep bloop stuff I use it for the most. TT606 sounds quite good through it as well.


Is there a benefit in having your monitors lay on its side?
It looks cool tho.


It has been previously discussed.


What’s the reference of this Genelec monitors ?


I do not understand your question.


Oh sorry, I mean, which Genelec are they ? All their monitor looks the same and I was wondering which one do you use.