Your setups


Not happy with the position of the MacBook. Maybe exchange with an 21" iMac?


Exchange it for a 21" imac dude one hundree persent


bengal! thanks for reminding me of that one)
i love that pic


i just got it, had never heard of it… it’s great!


I got an Analog Four mk2 today. I was not aware the mk2s are SO HUGE!!! I wish Elektron kept the design and size of the black ones and just upgraded the display / sound engine / usb bandwidth.


I am a simple man. I see a random Tascam 4-track in a pic, I hit like.


Just connect an external screen, stick it against the wall?


Yep. Stupendously oversized.


Thought about this too, but that would mean another extra cable and i still need the MacBook there. I ordered a 27" iMac 2017 5k model, to try how that will fit.


Oh very nice :+1:


Why does everybody hates the size of the mk2? I think it´s perfect! I could even imagine to gig with it. It´s a bit bigger, but not that large. It has the size of a 15" laptop.


nope…i think its pretty sweet.

just adapt. if you cant roll with it…things will be tuff. cuz nothing stays the same,
or id still be riding a burton performer…and that would suck.



so clean


this made me feel messy lol


well I love it at home but I must say all the spaces I play ( I’m no rockstar) I do miss the little boxes sometimes I just go back to older sets & drop my A4mii and ARmkii & bring the mono & machine drum because it usually less Fuss cramming in with others


Oh oh, would never ditch those mkiis…

Just my 2 cents…


having 16 drum tracks on the Machinedrum is so tite and I got used to hitting keys would not be mad if they did another digital drum machine in the new octa shell I’d be fkn stoked actually love the Machinedrum


they are hardly ditched they get their fair share trust I love the fat kids too


Agreed, or if it is possible, it is fleeting.
All it takes is one NAMM or Musikmesse announcement to make one reconsider everything.

For me, replacing the dopamine response from obtaining the new shiny with the dopamine response from creating my own new shiny (tunes) is a difficult but necessary practice. It takes a bit more work, but I look back at the tracks I made years ago with more appreciation than I have for the tools I used to create them.