Your setups


nice setup :)!

I see some effect padles there. Do you have enough (stereo) sends and (stereo) returns to use them all at once?



Thank you!
I have aux 1&2 going to the H9, it comes back in stereo on aux 1 return.
Aux 3 is Mono out to the Electro Harmomix Cathedral, this also comes back in stereo to aux 3 return.
Aux 4 is Mono to the Analog Drive and back in Mono to aux 4.
Not 100% sure it is correct yet though. The desk has 4 Mono aux outs and 4 stereo returns. I might have to break out the Onyx 1620i manual to check things I think.


I have a Mackie Onyx 1620i as well. I’m using all stereo fx pedals. Mono out, stereo return.

Aux 1 - Space
Aux 2 - Zoom CDR70
Aux 3 - Boss DD-7
Aux 4 - reserved for Avalanche Run

I love having 4 slots but damn this mixer is huge and takes up a lot of space on my table. Thinking about getting something smaller and just not using as many fx.


Fab setup, I am liking that Pyramid… thought of getting one in the new year, I have a Cirklon on order but I’m not hopeful of getting one for at least 12 months (waiting list)


Thanks for the insight,

I threw an eye on the AH Qu-Pac which should also eliminate my quest for stereo sends and returns as I plan to get a H9 besides my specular tempus… Or is there an equal alternative?


Thx rob,
the Pyramid is indeed a really good sequencer with many bells and whistles, but sometimes it falls short in terms of pattern manipulation like forward, backward, pendulum or slices of a pattern…
So I have been looking into alternatives like the midibox or Kilpatrick Carbon…


is that FS1R on the shelf above the mixer?


Yep, it’s a beast of a synth and sounds amazing. I’m just not sure I can keep it and the Virus Ti2 I have coming . We’ll see!


I really like the H9, I have the Max version which has some great fx. I’m not sure what hardware I’d recommend as an alternative but if you use plugs look at the Soundtoys Bundle 5 pack. The FX rack combines various fx and is really inspiring, sounds amazing. Get the Outer Limits preset pack for it. Very cool. You should also be able to get a good deal on it in the Black Friday deals.


I’m going to get a Zoom CDR70. This pedal seems to be amazing for the money.


I use a 1202 (only two aux send/returns). all the inputs have a synth/drum machine running to them. like you, I don’t want to get something gigantic/expensive. for me, it’s just a handy volume knob and routing device to my soundcard; I don’t use the EQ at all. I have a dozen-ish fx pedals and re-patch to them as necessary, via the aux I/O on the mackie.

this mainly works because I jam everything out live, get a structure going, and then solo instruments to record them. if I wanted to multi-track live to my DAW, I’d definitely need something more extensive.


Nice setup.

Just wondering about routing tho. How come you are triggering the beatstep pro and keystep from the Digitakt? (as apposed to sending the midi notes from the Arturas’ in to the Digitakt and recording patterns)



I’m not triggering anything just now as I said in the first post I’m gonna see if I can chain them… the second Beatstep arrived an hour ago I’ve just put it on the stand, see pics. The Beatsteps will control my monosynths and drum machines and the Digitakt midi will sort out the Quantum and Blofeld etc.

Right now I’m trying to find space for the other gear with no luck I may need another desk as the Quantum is so damn big and heavy



How’s using the h9? I am kinda put off by the interface, no knows, screen etc. Seems impossible to tweak. Interested in users opinion


Oddly enough, I used to have a 1202 and sold it to get this behemoth, lol. 1202 was nice, I just prefer faders and more aux. Oh well. My solution might be to build a little table specifically for the mixer so I can move it off my desk.


Although it doesn’t look it, the H9 is pretty tweakable. It has bluetooth and quite a nice app, plus midi functionality.


I tend to select a preset and leave it, but if you use the H9 app on an iPad it exposes all parameters and other options and is actually nice to use. It connects via Bluetooth. There are also Midi din ports so a knobby controller can be set up for tactile use.
I like it overall.


Ok this is all I can get on this desk I need to renovate this room in order to use my other setup. I’m now trying to set this first Beatstep Pro up to control the 3 Boutiques and Logic X until the mixer arrives using the USB audio. I’ve just connected the Beatstep to the mac USB for now, trial and error day I think…

So for now I can’t use the TR8s and Digitakt etc so it’s just playing about with the Boutiques.



That’s one bass heavy setup :grinning: