Your setups


Great combination that could finished like the worst: red wine on digitakt, then the drunk useless digitakt into the fire! :wink:


Absolutely love the O1a… sounds fabulous, built well. Had the original 101 back in 93 but the 01a does a lot more haven’t tried the TB-03 yet that and the TR-09 just came today but the SE-02 should be here by the weekend.
However… the Waldorf Quantum sound and features blow me away it sounds absolutely perfect to me I’m just scratching the surface with it.

Just browsing the web for a good midi sequencer as I have a year to wait for Cirklon grrr…

Any good midi sequencers you guys can recommend to handle all this gear and more? I have Digitakt but would love a dedicated midi sequencer

Seen this?

Squarp Instruments Pyramid Hardware MIDI & CV Sequencer



I’ve got form as well. Not so long ago I chucked a cup of tea in my MacBook Pro.



Polyend Seq but 8 channels only sooooo… 2 Seqs :joy:


This feels like it was a setup designed for me but in an alternate universe. You even got the crap kawai drum machine I want! In this universe I would have a desk though definitely. Incredibly jealous of you.


I looked at that and the social entropy engine sequencer and went for the engine with my 4 boutiques.


Don’t be jealous or at least try not to be. Focus on what you have and take it from there. I dreamed about a setup like this for over 25 years (when I was a teenager) and only have it very recently. It’s about not giving up on the dream(s).


The only thing I miss on my Pyramid are more than two MIDI out ports. Four would have been great.

This sequencer can be used like a usual step sequencer and like a liniear sequencer. Export and import of midi is working fine. The new OS 3.x has improvements and very useful add-ons … just one to be named. We can create easily definition files for midi-instruments as simple text files. After loading such a definition file, we can refer to CC and note events by their names. That’s one of it’s USP.


(i don’t have a shot of the complete setup … never mind.)
so, this rig is called Necrophilia & Vintage.

one half, left to right, top to bottom:
• Axoloti Core • Yamaha RM1x
• Novation ReMOTE Zero SL MkI
• iRig Pads • Novation Launchpad Pro

another half, top to bottom:
• Novation Nova Laptop
• PreenFM2
• behind the scenes: Yamaha DTXPress III (i use it either with e-drums or just as a tone generator)
• behind the scenes: Zoom LiveTrak L-12 (the mixer)

RM1x was bought as a cheaper implementation of a proper hardware sequencer suitable for something complex, e.g. goa trance. suddenly, i found its tone generator quite usable.
anyway, it’s definitely not the best device for touring :sweat:
i’m planning Pyramid next year, but must save money for it.

same for Nova Laptop. i absolutely love it, but it’s 19 years old, so i’m going to buy Blofeld to tour with it.


Upgraded a bit wit the Analog Heat mk2 & Eventide H9 Max


Piles of the world’s finest clutter.


Enjoying Peak, without the distractions of everything else.


Some changes. Modular bits are in the process of being shifted around though.


Yeah, MD front and center!


Enjoying it! I’m just getting the MIDI channels mapped to the BehrinMoog since it’s on bassline duty for now. I also need to wall mount a larger monitor above there.


Is that an Adventure Time boardgame?


Octatrack MK1 is still the brain of my set up. It is the master midi clock and the midi sequencer is heavily used.

Homemade samples from modular are recorded in RC505 and tracks are played with TR8S, DJ808 & Serato.


It’s the Card Wars game from the show. Unfortunately they mimmicked the ridiculous rule set in the real life game so it’s kinda hard to play. We’re thinking of making a new set of rules :smiley:


How’s the hybrid Eurorack + iPad Audulus setup working for you? I’m considering a modular skiff to spice things up on my MFB Dominion 1 and my idea was to get a ES-8 first to use either my laptop running Audulus/VCV rack or an iPad running audulus. Also a MIDI to CV converter to control some things with my Digi*.