Your setups


I’ve wanted both of those for years. Cheers.

Display mod on the ESQ?



oh yea duh, forgot the workhorse of my stujio, the #eurorack #modular #synthesizer


Oh, lucky you! I’ve been on the hunt for the “Really important filter” module for years now…


Well, it was our setup for the day anyway. :rofl: :joy:


Don’t call me if you need help hauling that beast up the stairs. :wink:


Perfect for heating a home in Helsinki


The AC ran constantly! But it’s Florida and 30c with 75% humidity. :sweat_smile:


You’re in Florida and know degrees Celsius!?


Looks like NASA HQ :wink:



And day

I’m pretty happy with the wooden stands I built a few weeks ago.
And yes, I have way too much (Elektron) gear.
But I’m having a bigger mixer soon ^^
Let’s say I see this as a choice in the weapons I want to use:
Techno? MD + OT.
Paula Berthe? DN + A4 or MM + OT or DT.
Studio jam? Do I have to chose, really?
Bear? Shotgun.
Thirst? Check the fridge in the back…


The top picture looks like a Hubble deep field image. :blush:


This is what I see from my spaceship !! :rocket:


There’s an Emu Orbit joke in there, somewhere…


I saw a little Cirklon on the left side of your space ship.


Yes indeed. I unfortunately struggle to learn it as I barely use it.
On holidays I was away and completely forgot what I had learnt :-/
But I totally see the interest of it on some of my gear…


I think the stands are lovely. Nice job. I also appreciate the conceptual arrangement of the equipment. What’s that wee little thing next to mixer on the top shelf?


Avalon Bassline.
And next to it is a SH-01a :slight_smile:
Mmmmmph bass !!

Thank you for the kind words btw.
The key aspect was that I didn’t want to have to unscrew the gear each time I have to take it away, cause I have this need pretty often. Analog mk2 can’t be screwed anyway. So it had to be shelves.
It took a bit of thinking, but the realization was fast.

Creating ad hoc shelves is a very pleasant processus, IMO.


Tweaked my pedal board setup slightly. Going to use one box at a time for a bit and jam on the couch.


Here’s the set up from a show a friend and I did last month. It was spooky :jack_o_lantern:

My stuff is in the foreground. It’s my partial-zero input mixer rig. Monitor outs on the mixer are run into the eq and MOFX then back into channel 1 and 2. I fade the feedback in and out as needed :wink:


Here is our live set-up ( As you can see it’s fairly Elektron heavy…!

We perform improvised Techno and Electro, and couldn’t imagine going back to more rehearsed sets now! Each performance and practise is entirely different, which makes it a lot of fun. Mainly due to the risk factor!

We’ve finished our first album recently, so will be sure to share on here once we have a release schedule confirmed :slight_smile: