Your setups


Mackie MR5 mk3. Nothing special, but enough for my ears :wink:
I should get better ones, but i always prefer to spend money on synths… which probably is quite stupid. But i‘m afraid to spend a fortune on good monitors and then not being able to appreciate them.


I just change the midi channel on my keyboard and rest my arms on it.


Check out Monkey Bananas Turbo 8

Great Lowend, nice stereo field, open highs.
Nothing perfect but the best one can get in that price range imho.


Not you again ! You already made me order the qu-pac… now another 700 bucks on speakers? Are you working for Thomann ?! :wink:



I’m not in the Business anymore. Just telling what I think is a good bang for the buck.
Do you enjoy tje Pac so far? I got an Ipad mini 2nd hand for 50€ for mixing, the pac will get out of reach now in a siderack. Can totally recommend, small mini is comfortable to work with.


Didn‘t buy it yet. Just preordered it @ a local store which had a good offer. In the meantime i got this soundcraft mixer for almost zero money, as i missed the faders in my previous behringer-mixer as i told you. Very curious about the qu-pac but still not sure if getting the qu-16. but then again: it costs more and gives you less.


Hmm, reconfiguring my setup. Laptop to the side above mixer or laptop centered with monitors above Elektrons?


Recently moved to a new apartment and spent yesterday setting things up. Gonna mount the computer screen on the wall and get a pair of small monitors and mount them aswell.

Spent a lot of time on cable management and it really paid of, my soundcard and Iconnect is in the left hole and gonna get my heat in the right one and my rytm where the screen currently is.


What desk is that?!


It is from a Swedish company called Jysk, cost me like 50 USD. Screwed some big holes in the back of it to fit all the cables otherwise than that it is really well suited for this purpose.


Thanks. I’ll have to see if it’s available in the US. I’m always on the look out for good, small desks!


Nice, a MB33. I’m looking to add one as well.


This mod looks interesting for the MB33 Retro. Might have to get it done.


Thanks for that link, that would be a nice mod to have. :thup:


now it has the required attribute to be posted here :blush:


It’s about time I do some carpentry. I’m thinking about 3 levels, so that I can reach every single device while sitting…


I just did exactly that, it’s awesome.
Getting out of chairs stifles my creativity. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


would those do well in a living space? Thinking of installing a Tascam line mixer with studio monitoring for living room jamming + casual listening.


Sounds sort of sexual :zipper_mouth_face:


I had the same idea and posted a basic plan for the desk I built like that.
Keep in mind you need to have a support in the middle too aka this isn’t a totally finished plan, more like notes for what I added to my flat desk.

Adjust measurements to your desk as well.