Your setups


Obviously :smiley:

I have a question about the Telemark. It seems to have much in common with an Oberheim SEM. Can you tell me, how close the sound of Telemark and SEM are?

Background: I have the Fusebox and despite having a third VCO it’s also inspired by the SEM, but does definitely sound different.


I’m not really familiar enough with the original Sem sound to give a worth while opinion to be honest.

I understand they do share similar characteristics but then with the Telemark you also have the various modulation options. Can’t offer a much more useful insight than that :slight_smile:


My little setup.
And techno dog :dog:


Thanks for replying so honestly :+1: :slight_smile:


Excellent setup…cute friend :dog: you have with you as well! :ok_hand:t3:


The dog has the expression of ‘time is money, stop messing about on your phone and let’s do some stuff here, bagsy the Rytm yeah?!’.

Lovely little doggy


Hello, new here, figured I post my temp setup till I finish remodeling the new house. At night I hide in my garage at the workbench. Missing is my acoustic guitar and few mics and pedals. Love these gear threads!!


I like what you did to your sx Kegeratorz!
I haven’t listened to Sublime in a while…
gonna listen tonight & go down memory lane.

How you liking the Digitone?
Seems like it can do a wide range of sounds
& I really like what I’ve heard so far in the demos.


Digitone is amazing, I haven’t put it down. Work flow is super simple and it sounds so lush. It’s a lot of late night fun, tired days lately.


how you liking the reface?


I love it! I can play it with the piano, sequence it or just throw in a little impro melody standalone. Also a good couch companion. For it’s price, priceless I would say.


awesome! i’ve been happy with the arturia stage, but it looks like loads of fun. considering that and the dx.


attempted the always enviable set-up-everything-you-have-at-the-moment studio for a week and felt overwhelmed uncomfortable and struggled to finish any tracks

paired down this morning and i’m already lost in banger city today, also i’m in love with ableton 10 and happy to be back on the laptop somewhat


Current setup.


Why put push and the pro 2 away?
Seems like those would be the 2 I would keep out.



So serene… although the idea of keeping track of all of that gives me agita.


How is your CNC doing? Have you finished it yet?


Just about finished my latest setup. Decided to go for maximum reachability so I can reach everything from the chair. I put the laptop to one side as I only use it for recording on a stereo track once I’ve arranged and practiced everything until I’m really happy with it.

I bought the DT and DN about 6 months ago, but offspring has damaged productivity. Still getting my head around all of the functionality, but it’s really nice to be able to control everything from one interface.

I’m now in the process of figuring out why I’ve got so many cables left over that definitely had a place to go before…


I like how there’s a Strymon sticker hovering over the Eventide.