Your setups


i heard all the cool cats were using modules for just effects.


Battletech… I had this game on my SEGA MD))) nice setup btw!!


Finally got my corner looking tighter


My mobile setup


Oh that boss mixer looks lovely :slight_smile:


Temporary rolling desk/stand for the new apt.


that makes me uncomfortable. i don’t trust those kb stands


How are you using the midi twister, is it connected to a computer then to the devices?


Nice and compact.
Would prefer standing position - you have it adjustable?


OT, d’Fam, TR09, Lyra 8.
Solid, reliable, fun.


Gear boner…


How do you use the Midifighter?


i use the iconnectivity midi 4+ to connect all stuff by midi din and twister by Usb
I use the computer to configure the CC mapping for the twister
the twister have 3 templates
the first template control the level of each tarck DT / DN / OT2

first columns control Track 1 - 4 of DN
second and third columns Track 1 - 8 of DT
last Track 1 - 4 of OT2
Track 5 OT2 is Input AB from DN
Track 6 OT2 neighbor machine for DN
Track 7 OT2 is Input CD from DT
Track 8 OT2 Master track

with the others template i can control others parameters

for midi channel
DN Track 1 - 4 -> midi channel 1 - 4
DT Track 1 - 8 -> midi channel 5 - 12
OT2 Track 1 - 4 -> midi channel 13 - 16



like I just explain
After configure with computer (midi CC, etc…), I can use all without the coimputer

Now when I connect the Midi 4+ to my computer
I have in ableton ALL MIDI IN/OUT from iconnectivity and then I can receive / send data from all devices

Iconnectivity Midi 4+ ROCKS !


No, not near that luxurious, it’s a temporary solution


Nice Rytm stand!


Thats pretty cool! I always thought the midi twister was fun to play with… Would love to hear your music …


Thnx ! We build them :wink:



Maybe “You” can’t but don’t try to tell someone else they can’t . Simon Posford/Hallucinogen/Shpongle seems to manage just fine without a treated room.

I keep telling him if he’d just hire an acoustic engineer, put in tons of treatment everywhere then his music would finally sound good enough to be a professional producer. Guess he’s just destined to be a bedroom producer forever :confused:



Here’s my current setup based on a design for a quick desk I made to work in a small room when I was living in California. I set it up again when I bought a house in Arizona.

It’s mixerless and computerless at the moment (the monitor is just sitting there from earlier)

Now that I have a music room, I’m working on a design for a new desk basically copied from a sterling modular plan F desk. I have to finish making the full sheet 4’ x 8’ CNC machine I’ve been 3D printing to make cutting the pieces easier though. I’ll post that when it’s set up.