Your setups


And if anything did go wrong, they’re repairable.


Mabe ask a certain individual aboit it…


Ah, plants in the studio. And so green, you take good care i see.


need to have some nature around all these robots


I’ve been a pretty decent ‘caretaker’ for a looong time, can relate.


My current, performance orientated, super fun set-up.
The Analog Four MK2 went for another Octatrack; Digitone now on synth duties.
No looking back.


I am totally in love with it. This is what I wanted my old Metric Halo 2882 to be all along, and for less than 1/2 the price.
And while it did take MOTU and others some 10 years to catch up to MH, they’ve lapped them by now, especially with regard to round-trip latency.

And it makes a nice pedestal for Digitone!


Quadcore was the best thing I ever did. I got a Mac Mini when my thunderbolt port went kaput on my 2011 Imac. Four tracks with 6 plugins in Logic Pro X and the thing was ready to smoke. Got a 2015 Retina MBP Quad I7 with 16G RAM and it’s unreal.


My current setup. Loving the Digitone worlds better then the A4. I’m stoked with this setup. Too bad I got a defunct Digitone 24 hours ago :frowning:
Have to turn it on 40 times for it to get past the boot screen. Super bummed. I waited months for this thing.


No photo…
my set up changes depending on what I am doing, which currently is a sort of Techno thing.
Octatrack (main brain, samples chopped from old songs I made)
TR-09 (drums, sequenced by OT. Being replaced by AR next week)
Lyra-8 (Synth duties, audio into a channel on the OT for extra fx and fiddling)

Simple but very addictive set up.


I’m curious how you are using your db4 since you have two octatracks’s and Push2. Any of those could easily be used as a mixer.


i love the routing in Discovery.
its so unbelievably flexible.

and ya…its SO fast. next to no Lat.


I‘m very happy about my setup right now!!
First time feeling complete! Excited adding a Hertz Donut mk1 next week…

Digitakt clocking Pamelas New Workout. uO_c acting as a sequencer.


The DB4 typically adds that ‘special sauce’ to the things I’m doing.
For example, I have both Octatracks having a channel each on the mixer; the Digitone also has its own channel; finally, Ableton has the last channel of the mixer.
While one Octatrack is being the Master and thus providing the main elements, the other one is free to provide anything extra.
Which ever Octatrack is currently being the Master is also sequencing the Digitone
Patterns A - H, on both Octatracks, are used for being Master patterns; patterns I - P are supplementary patterns. These are acapellas or effects that I keep note of so I know the key for mixing them with main patterns.
Depending on what’s being played, I use the effects from the DB4 to add interesting variety to them or create transitions.
Also, I sometimes sample things that are run through the DB4 effects as they sound bloody incredible.
That’s how it’s all going on at the moment.


Took me a bit too long to figure out what you guys were talking about, “plants?! where the fuck are the plants?”. :joy:


Find Waldo


Hehe, exactly. :slight_smile:


Just got a 2 tier z stand and some prefinished shelving to re-organize everything and get it in a usable configuration.

But now too many inputs for my 12mtk mixer. So need to downsize some gear or get a bigger mixer or interface. Thinking to sell DSI MOPHO SE and Tetra, then replacing with single analog polysynth.


How about a patchbay?


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