Your setups


Read it mowable first…guess that counts too, right :happy:. Great setup!


Good to be back home and set up after 6 months away! Timed 30 and 40 minutes for tear down and setup. The improvised cable snake has made a world of difference. Next update is this relic of a drum set…


Oh mate, boys be layin’ down tracks up in that!
I’m a Style Boy fooooooor life!



Nice room with a view… How do you find that keyboard stand - specifically the upper tier extensions? Are those standard fittings or something custom? And how is the wobble factor?


We invested in the Vitsoe shelf system in our study/work room after we finally managed to buy our home. I highly recommend it. You can do all kinds of clever stuff with it - I have a desk but for a while I was considering a desk-less setup with the various tilted shelves for gear, and then freestanding monitor stands. I think it would work really well.

It’s also extremely well made, looks great, easy to reconfigure, etc. After years of moving Ikea shelves from apartment to apartment these are a dream. I am a fan of Ikea stuff (most of our furniture, cabinets etc are Ikea) but these are worth the money, for a room that we use so much.


If this is true then I have some real chair GAS now. It does look great too.


The stand is pretty good but not perfect. I need to grip the AR’s body when using perf pads or the unit would rotate on its own. Barely an issue though. Wobble isn’t bad but the X stand isn’t the finest engineering in the room. I’ve been contemplating swapping it out with an electric sit/stand desk base. Not urgent though. Also discovered the stand rotation will be a huge plus for jamming with other players or operating the OT and AR from the drum set:


Air BnB setup #2


Built this for my setup.


Really nice, do you have any audio recordings ?


Thanks! Working on it.


nice! so for recording in “surround”, so to speak? Like the barber shop thing? Fucking cool. :slight_smile: Would love to hear some recordings.


Yes. It’s for binaural recordings. I’ll post some samples soon.


Its an interesting project. I do wonder how much influence the resonance of our skull and the shape of the inner ear canal would have on what we hear though. I suspect it is a big factor.

Are those ears generic, or made from a mold of your own ears?


What is this? I am interested but don’t understand from the comments


It’s two mics inside the ears of a humanoid head. Recordings aim to emulate a more realistic audio experience. Not only by afterwards being able to mix an actual stereo recording, but also by having the sound collide with a surface that resembles our own - probably making the recording even more authentic.


Elektron hive assimilation art. Nice work. Simon will be pleased.


But doesn’t that only hold true when you listen to the recording with in-ear headphones to reduce the effects of your own head as much as possible?

When playing that sound through normal speakers you would effectively double the effect of a human head …


It is a binaural microphone. Binaural recordings sound extremely 3D trough headphones. Because the microphones are both placed inside silicon ears they capture sound the same way your ears do. Your brain can interpret the small differences in sound reflection based on the shape of your ears and translate it into 360 around you and even up and down. It only works with headphones though. On a 2 speaker system it just sounds stereo. There are some youtube videos recorded this way. Just search for binaural audio.


Yes. It sounds good on speakers too, but for the full experience you’ll need headphones. Any headphone will do. Not just in ears.