Your setups


elegant stand


very much. my definition of sounding “analog”. the sound is so rich! but because of that you also get problems in the mix.


You’re one of the only other people I’ve ever seen with a cork floor. We love ours and it does seem to mellow out reflections.


actually didnt try it with MPC live usb out, it runs on two AA batteries for about 20 hours, which is plenty for me.

feels a Bit lightweight, but didn’t have any troubles with build quality so far.

also didn’t do much comparison, simply chose it due to Reviews in regards to the price and what it delivers.

Input gain is Way down, Record out on the db4 is down, too.

its a Bit noisy but i didnt bother tryin around with the settings bc im doing some eqing and normalizing in my daw.

so, Bottom line: seems Not to be the hi-fi-out of the box Recorder, but hey: its only 90 euros and im Happy with it.


Yeah they make some gorgeous stands. I want the maschine one badly they look great. Not cheap though

They make them for tons of gear, here’s the link if anyone else was wondering.


i don’t know actually. bought this one second hand


Look great but I dont understand the arm rest on the maschine rack.
I never banged out drum as tho i was typing.
Seems unnecessary.


I feel it’s mostly an aesthetic thing in the spirit of the original MPCs. Might have some functionality. I do actually find myself leaning on the edge of the desk I’m facing a lot when working. Don’t think it’s designed to kick your feet up onto it though


That’s no arm rest. That’s a forehead protection (head banging to some patterns can be dangerous).


HA HA HA :+1:

in that case i need something like that for all my gear. im banging my head in disappointment on my desk all the time.


Maybe in this case it’s cheaper to wear a helmet :smiley:


That’s actually why Daft Punk wear them. :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean forehead protection because of frustration …


My home setup. Custom made a desk for a Vitsoe bookcase.


Nice chair where did you get that at?


That 0-C is sitting sweet :+1:t3:


Yeah. I noticed that most people here don’t invest in a proper chair, so I shared mine. It’s a Dynamobel DIS chair.


Where can I buy it? Just order directly from them?


I bought it at a furniture shop in Amsterdam that’s now out of business. You can buy them from one of the many dealers they work with. Or send them an email I guess.


Mancave today. #nofilter