Your setups


nice cdj setup. looking like a spaceship.


These photos are beautiful!! May I ask what kind of camera you used to take them?


Current rig :]


That’s some heavy case.
Have you considered splitting it up in to smaller ones?


Oh man yeah it is, I actually have foldable dolly for it, I just love the fact that all I need to connect is power cable from power strip and audio out from octatrack and I am ready to go, I can also run usb out of each device to track out both rytms and a4 but as we all know overbridge is not as stable as we want it to be so I usually don’t do that, also having less devices didn’t work out because of voice limitations, I used to have machine drum and rytm instead of rytm x2 but I find machinedrum to be a complete machine but rytm alone is not so complete, for example can’t do analog crash and cowbell at the same time and many other things but I think I’ve been spoiled by machine drum, I’ve tried this compact combo before but had to use octatrack in big rig so had to disconnect it
My next box is going to be rytm mk2 with machinedrum, going to be in smaller box and will be my ultimate drum box for years to come, can’t wait for that :]


What case are you using to hold all 4 boxes?


Hi, good question, there is no “only box” and any box that fits ddj-sx will work with minor foam cutting, took me long time to find this out, please appreciate this info :pl:


My new “invisible studio” shelf. All my gear fits in this shelf and everything is connectect. Took me a long journey. I tried several budget solutions, but nothing works out. So i grab some money (instead of a new synth) and took it to a local joiner’s workshop. And i’m pretty happy with it …


That’s nice where did you get that shelving from?


Just rearranged my space and added a mixer. Tried to keep the cabling as neat as possible.


Great space, nice and neat.


He mentioned a local joiner’s workshop…


My actual studio
(and the updated version here: Your setups)


Who’s that robot again? I used to have that toy as a youth.


Goldorak / Grendizer :slight_smile:


Tell that to my wife…


gorgeous setup


This is EXACTLY the rig I’m lusting after, right down to the black Keystep.


Real nice. I like how you made the most of the small desk !


Thanks ! I used the cheap Ikea’s Isberget for the Elektrons and the more expensive (but perfect) magma vektor laptop stands for the module synths and the ableton push. I received today a third one for the Peak. They are quite expensive but so functional and solid.