Your setups


If wooden end cheeks aren’t retro enough


Is there a name for that item of furniture?


Yeah, it’s a stripped out yamaha electone organ. They’re pretty commonly given away for anywhere between free and £50. They’re all over the place in the UK, they’ve got no value cause of the size, people struggle to get rid of em.

Like this one. the pieces all screw out pretty easily. Always wanted to add a level underneath for a midi keyboard. Makes a cool dust cover for OT and the record player. Keeps the wires organised too


Wistfully took this pic as I was leaving for work this morning. East facing, view of the Toronto skyline. The chair casters roll like butter on the cork floor. The tv tables get occupied by visiting gear when jamming.


Nowsonic Shockstop ! :wink:


i think i’ve seen 20 infomercials w/those tables falling over spilling cereal on the rug.


Agree. My money, my gear. H8ters gonna hate. But I’m having fun.


They’re my inspiration when working on Drops.


If you kept the pedals you could even add midi controls to the original organ pedals to trigger clips or loop recordings. Anyway, that’s a pretty smart case idea, nice job :slight_smile:


Yeah I always thought that would be a cool idea. It’s take a bit of work but I think I could make it look pretty nice too. Imagine armrest along the front like this

Put some nice material inside and the pedals hooked up for something. Hmm, got me thinking


Can’t really get to Virus :wink:



Just midi control it with octa :pl:


what stand is that? thinking bout something similar to house my incoming gear setup.


I’m making an effort to make everything in close reach, you need to have good physical access to gear to get the most out of it. No more reaching over something to get to kit.


Agreed. Ergonomics plays a huge part in getting the most from gear, imo. If something hurts your back or shoulders to use, chances are it won’t get used or explored that much, and thus isn’t worth the money.

What mixer are you using there @buzz?


It’s a Soundcraft signature 12 (not the MTK model)
Pretty good Sound.


I have a pretty non-setup compared to all of you but I thought I’d share before I add in a bunch of hardware in a couple weeks. Just a Push 1 and an MPK25 but adding in a digitakt, sub 37 and maybe either a digitone, analog four, bass station 2, or minilogue - all being paired with my DB2 (not pictured). Cant wait to get some hardware to create with!


It’s a ordinary x-stand with a table from Ikea on it. On that table I use 2 laptop stands for the digitakt, keystep and blofeld.
I wouldn’t recommend this setup though. It’s a bit too fickle for the amount of gear and I’m currently building a more sturdy setup with Jaspers keyboard stands.


nice cdj setup. looking like a spaceship.