Your Setups (Part 1)

I’m not sure about the MPX 1, since I’ve never had a problem with any of the three or four units I’ve owned. However, some Lexicon units of that vintage are known to develop issues with the I/O pots. I’ve had to replace one or both on various Jamman and Vortex boxes I’ve owned over the years.


A big thank you for your inputs. Really appreciated! :heart::pray:


My digi setup with OB, PERfourMER and ARP.

The black DT do one shot drums old school, the silver sequence and sample the perfourmer with arp connected in between.
I want to try some real production so I want to keep every track well separated. I made a Studio One template where every tracks and fx for everything have his own track, grouped by box and with a bus for every box.
ITB I have Arturia FX collection I won for free with a survey. I plan to use theses fx to color the digi.

Now I have to find time to make good music.


Can confirm WRT Lexicon Vortex. The input knob on mine is noisy. Am currently using the cheapskate solution of just never moving it…

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Aside from the stuff in view, there’s a Nord Rack 2X currently not hooked up, and an effects unit or two. The monitoring and a computer are positioned to the right of this image at a 90-degree angle from this desk. Works well enough, even if I get the sound from my right when I’m using monitors and messing with the gear/sequencer. I’ll be getting my hands on an MC-202 that will likely live on the wooden shelf (Ikea hack with furniture legs on a piece of wood) where you see the empty space. :slight_smile:
The rack in the middle is also a WIP, will likely fill it in due time.


So how long have you had the 1m and how do you like it?

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I’ve had it for approaching five years, and it’s a mainstay in the setup for a reason! My workhorse for a lot of basic poly and monophonic needs. I especially like its fast envelopes (for e.g plucks and snappy basses) and the filter, which drives nicely with high mixer levels. :slight_smile: I don’t really patch it to be honest, since I find the pre-routed signal flow and modulation paths to work for most or all of the sounds I go for. I’ll probably grab a plugout for it one day…


Picked up some killer 3D printed stands for the DT/DN on Etsy. Super solid, don’t slide around and actually feel nice to the touch. Digis fit snuggly with just enough protrusion on top for a Decksaver!


dang that looks like a nice stand. Mind linking to the shop you bought it from?


Sorry but middle pic looks like a shoe!!

Does look like a nice stand though.


I was just about to comment that! Looks like high heels!. Nice stand though.


High heels EEE wide :slight_smile:

But yeah normally you’re just looking down on them.


Changed things up quite a bit. Decided to make the whole midi mapping situation much much simpler as to keep as much focus on the perkons as possible. Threw away many things within push to accommodate that. And simply chose some key settings for processing without the live control.

Dominion 1, although I love it, is just to freaking large and for me to get the most out of it during a live situation it needs my complete attention. Which perkons already has.
Digitone in place as it’s just so incredibly capable and hands-on at the same time. It will provide synth lines, rhythmic structures etc. That I can take to different places live.

It’s also perfect because I can write synth lines on the couch whenever I want. And yeah, I really need to have at least one Elektron in front of me I came to realize :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Much more compact as well and easier to navigate and keep focus on :).


Looks nice Dave. What is the controller next to DT?

Thanks. Those are Intech studio controllers.

Coloring looks a bit messy but has to be redone. Old color coding from previous iteration of this setup.

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cool, thanks. I’ll look them up.

Do they connect to the Push or to a USB host/Knot?

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Directly to push via usb

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