Your favourite way to mangle sounds on OT

I’ve picked up an octatrack and mostly at the moment I’m using it to record the main outs from my modular into.

So at the moment using it to play internal samples on the first 4 tracks and I’m using trk 5 as a thru machine where I’ve mostly just adding been experimenting with the fx at the moment.

What are some of your favourite ways to mangle incoming audio? I’m aware there’s a myriad of ways to do it, but would love to hear some of peoples favourite tricks from long term users.


Randomized slice grids.


Grids randomized slice.


A Thru machine followed by 3 Neighbors

Thru LoFi/Comb
Neighbor Fange/Delay (no lock)
Neighbor Filter/Delay (locked)
Neighbor EQ/Dark Verb

Then make combinations of Scenes with just Scene B active.
Scene A is no FX, slide to B and tap various Scenes.

I like tuning the comb for songs so 4-5 scenes will have various comb settings.
1-3 scenes usually a rhythmic combo of delay locks.
2 scenes for basic dub style delay and reverb
Whatever’s left some faded tail combinations of all tge effects where some use the delay lock and some don’t.


Recording it to a buffer, and have a scene set up that crossfades between the live incoming audio, and the recorded audio. At the same time filter and drench the incoming audio in reverb, as the recorded audio emerges from the same effect. Use random slices to sequence the sample.


I totally overdo this. I’ve actually been trying to stop! :laughing:

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LFO to sample start


Is there a way to jump through samples in the sample pool like on a digitakt via LFO?

If you mean Audio Pool, No.

If you mean Sample slots, no. Although you can sample lock per step from the sample slots lists.

You can make sample chains and move around through those, via LFO same thing. Octachainer is your friend here. Or you can do it on the OT manually if you’re so inclined.


My personal favorite trick that I probably use so much I abuse it is to resample a thru track with a short 2 or 3 step recording buffer, have that loop, and record in a not-base 16 pattern length so it’s always sampling and looping a new section and repeating it as the thru sequence or what have you keeps progressing


Yes, sorry, probably using wrong terminology here coming from Digitakt previously.

Essentially looking for a way to have a lot of trigs on a track and have the OT jump between different samples with an LFO or similar without having to P-Lock each one to a new sample.

Is this possible?

Yes, use sample chains.

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I don’t know why but “mangling” sounds sounds so cheesey to me.


It really does.
What should we call it?

It always seems to be the term chucked around for the OT

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A few thru machines processing the same input in parallel (wiht a bunch of scenes to play with) is fun.


Yes, with midi loopback, midi track with an lfo, or external midi, Slots mode.
You can play any slot with midi notes.
Unfortunately, you can play rec buffer this way (you can assign each buffer to their respective tracks, and trigger them with midi).

In realtime ? I like to put rec trig each 2 steps, in order to have refreshed recordings played by several Flex you can pitch down, up or reverse (delayed), make shorter (LENgth, loop mode)…
Much more crazier audio mangling than simple fx…

Example, source is guitar only, no samples. No sound if I don’t play.
Some tracks to make drummy sounds, bass, synth, timestretched sound…

Fx overdub (constant resampling):

Inputs recordings, nothing plugged (kind of noise) no samples :

Sequencing mixer feedback loop, no samples :

Other approach for granular stuff : use tuned slices : 64 slices corresponding to notes, at the beginning of a pre-sliced recording.
Direct mangling of radio :


One stereo pair for the incoming signal, then an effects chain from cue outputs into the second pair. Set up a scene where you can mix the two signals. Add whatever do the FX chain, I often run it thru a mixer with more FX loops so I can really mangle the shit out of the signal.

Then with the OT, liveloop w/ a flex track or pickup machines or w/e, set up a freeze delay etc.

After setting up a basic patch with some resampling and modulation of retrig and retrig time I really enjoy switching the settings on the source page. I wish those parameters would be modulatable, meaning the loop mode and time stretch etc.

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C’est juste hallucinant comme d’habitude, tu es un puits de savoir, le gardien du temple de l’OT, le boss final. :slight_smile: