Yes quantize 50%

when i hit func+bank i get to track trig edit.
in the manual it says that if you continue hitting yes up to 6 times you can increase the quantization. When i so this i don’t see the value 50% change. Is that correct or should i see that value change?

Think of it as applying consecutive 50% quantization until you’re on the grid

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is there a way to always be at 100% or am i misunderstanding this function.

If you want to record unquantized but quantize afterwards, the quickest way is to go to track trig edit and hammer YES six times. You don’t need to wait for the message to disappear when doing this.

If you want to have live recording quantized by default, go to project menu and enable SYSTEM/PERSONALIZE/QUANTIZE LIVE REC


…and swing default is always 50% and equals no swing at all…

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