YAy I did an album! and it was my birthday yesterday!

*available on all the major streaming services *

Please have a listen!
This is an album about finding compulsion in ambience.
It was a lot of work and I learned a lot.
and I’m very thankful I get to move on, phew
Let me know what you think!


Instruments: DT, AR, A4, AH, DFAM, Mother-32, Microcosm, Monotribe, NL2X, Zoom F1 Field Recorder


Nice! Curious about what role Elektron instruments plaid in the production, and which neighbors they had. :slight_smile:

Also: :birthday:

Happy Bday :slight_smile:
And congratulations for scoring an album! It’s good, and artwork’s nice.
It would be cool to add some background, share some details about the making or how you felt during this particular moment you created this music…

Great stuff! Tracks 1, 2, 6, 8 I vibing on. Yes, share the gear list… and what is the photo? Blurred xmas light/fireflies?! :sparkles:

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Thank you for the birthday wishes. Elektron had a heavy role. Digitakt plays a big part, and so do a4 and rytm. Oh and analog heat is on a few tracks.
These songs are selected from work i’ve done the past 5 years or so.
Other instruments include the monotribe, nord lead 2x, moog mother-32 and Dfam, hologram microcosm, zoom f1n field recorder, and probably a couple other things!
Many samples from over the years.

If you have any specific questions about any sounds I could probably answer you too.

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Thank you so much, your words mean a lot to me :))

These songs come from many different times before and during the pandemic. Meeting new friends, turning away from them. I’ve captured a few good sunny days in a couple songs. And some pain I’ve felt and seen too.

Honestly at this very moment I’m absolutely tired of the thing. I’ve listened to so many of these songs in many iterations, and it has been a wreck trying to wrangle recorded jams into shareable music. I’m walking away with a lot of ideas to improve my workflow and reduce headaches on my next album.

And, I think it turned out super fun. It’s funny that all the songs are as short as they are, considering I usually take recordings that are anywhere from 15min to an hour.


The photo is my own, I’m proud of it!
It is a picture of a pair of heirloom earrings that belonged to a friend. I was taking pictures of it on top of a mirror near a park. I focused on the branches reflected in the mirror on the ground, making the earrings unfocused and seemingly floating mid air.

I like those songs too :slight_smile:
That makes me happy!!!


Listening now. Commute has all of those great chip/console inspired sounds we grew up with. These crunchy sounds always put a smile on my face. Hidden Entrance sounds like a scene from a paranormal film. I dig it.

You sound like you would be fun to improv with. Happy Birthday!


Thank you! It makes me smile too
And thank you for the complement. I’d like to play music with others more. I’m pretty solitary creatively so far…
Sci fi has a big influence on my music making for sure!


It’s available on the major streaming services now :slight_smile:

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cool Album. i dig it. I always have maximum respect when people can get their shit together enough to release a full album and get it up on bandcamp. that last 5% of taking bits and pieces and turning them into a set of completed tracks is really hard. so congrats on pulling it together


Thank you, it was hard to do that
Parsing through tons of old recordings I loved and picking things that worked. It helped me realize how much easier it would be to be more intentional about the songs I make, instead of just capturing fun jams
Thanks for listening!!