Winter Modular Eloquencer - Pattern Change

Hey folks,

Wondering if anyone out there has the Winter Modular Eloquencer changing patterns on the Digitakt when you change a pattern on the Eloquencer (I am using the EME - Enhanced Midi Module)? My Eloquencer is the master of the system (Using the EME to send clock info to the Digitakt and Octatrack) and I would love for the Digitakt to synch in terms of pattern changes (currently doing this manually and having too many mistakes).

Hoping somebody out there knows. Trying to figure out if the Winter Modular EME outputs any CC’s when you change a pattern on the Eloquencer - not quite sure at this point, I think it only sends CC’s when using next or previous pattern functionality, not when selecting a bank and pattern.

Cheers, here’s hoping and thanks in advance folks, appreciate any help!!

Ypsi Kid

Okay, some weird behaviour and I’ve probably come across that pattern change CC bug where it does not change the pattern in time. The other issue is that I have to send a program change message (doesn’t matter what one) while also sending a note from the Eloquencer. The sent note determines which bank and pattern to play, however, it seems to jump some patterns, so I can’t access all of my saved patterns - kind of a moot point anyways given the delay when changing patterns.

Very frustrating.

Now I’m looking to see if I can change patterns via program change or cc values sent from the Digitakt (just not sure yet whether the Winter Modular Eloquencer supports this - right now I believe I’ve only seen support for next/last pattern via cc 74 & 75 for think.

Hopefully can figure this out, trying to do it manually means too many mistakes.


Ypsi Kid