Will there be Octatrack MK3 anytime soon?

Wait, y’all haven’t been using the Model:Romples yet?

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I heard Tuesday…


I heard they replaced the compact flash card with floppy disks, and replaced the crossfader with a d-beam. It only has one output, no inputs, and resampling is done through an attached harmonica. Kind of a “less is more” approach.


There are very serious rumours since November 2016, so now it should happen very soon. :content:
Anyone want an OT 2 with an internal SSD drive, OLED screen?

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I like the Octatrack as is. I would prefer some small updates, effects, time stretch algorithms.

Love to see new stuff. Wave table synth, sample based granular synth etc…

Already possible with OT. :wink:
Wavetable synthesis

Probably not a good example of granular synth, if you listen some parts I think it’s not so far, considering synths you can make from drums, even if I’m not subtle at all!
With Octatrack you can use 8 instances of a sample, 24 lfos, set start / length points, 250 parameters can be modulated by the crossfader, lfos modulations added, (the crossfader can be also modulated by a midi lfo), plus 8 midi tracks with 24 more lfos, being able to play the 8 audio tracks with an arpeggiator, realtime sequenced sampling.
I think OT can be a really interesting granular synth, 8 voices / grains limited.
With external trickery, it can be used in a polyphonic way.


don’t mind the banter kat, we’re a spoiled lot, but lovers of the Octatrack have been asking this very question, even two hours after MK2 was released lol!!..trust me we all would love to see some additional OS tweaks etc, but more than likely some of the best features that showcase the Octatracks strengths will probably be combined with some of the advanced features that are spread through out Elektrons products lines into a new machine. So until then, just love her for what she is, not what you’d hope she’d be :man_shrugging:t2:


I hate when you pull these tricks!


When is the Octatrack MK12 coming out?

I’ve heard from a reliable source that the next-gen Octatrack is going to be released a week after the return period expires for the MKII you’re thinking about buying.


Can anyone outline how the hell you go about creating the effects you can hear in this soundcloud clip? I’m flummoxed.

Not easy, even for me! The Amen Break is sliced. Slices can be looped, their length can be shortened > synth sounds.
Retrigs are Trig Counts (microtiming menu).
IIRC I also modify the TRIM in realtime.
Several parameters plocked to scenes, like Pitch, Rate, Length, Release, Filters, Reverb, Granular engine, Vocoder…

I recorded this maybe 3 years ago, now I use crazier tricks with more control. :loopy:
New demo recording coming soon I hope.


judging from all your replies, I am glad to see this forum is full of successful, busy and happy artists!

keep on going guys, well done !

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Why do you decide to use one or another?

Trig Counts retrigger envelopes, RTRIG don’t.
Check with HOLD = min, short release.


Thanks, when I checked it before I couldn´t hear the difference so I´ll try with that envelope setting.

The first picture! :smiley:

More control for more dynamic performance.

  • Get one finger on Trig Mode and Part.
  • Merge Part and Fill to allow more flexibility :boom: (Part with pattern change or 4 Fill with part params )
  • 8 voice dedicated to selected Track, to bring alive Chromatic, Slots and Slices Mode :notes::notes:.


  • add 4 mono aux and 4 mono return.

That’s brilliant. Nice work. If you did that, ofc!


Merci :slight_smile:

Good one :slight_smile: Last time I have heard they now moved to ZIP drives to save some space for addding and AFX Twin button - much like Novation is doing. ??? I smell some factory spying…there si also a Winter button with some Christam bells sounds with sampled chords and snow storms do have endless reverb option, Spring button adding some birds samples and crackling ice sounds etc. … mainly for people with audience who lost track on what they are doing , so to to save the party a press will do…but again, I could be wrong and all this could be just a rumour …