Will Brexit bring prices down in UK if we do a WTO deal


It’s all a little bit too ‘real’ isn’t it.


Vladislav Surkov is also a huge influence (on Russian policy). I first heard about him in an Adam Curtis documentary…also scary


Do you agree that this is because (as Adam Curtis has interestingly put forward) our leaders have become business managers? That our system became afraid of leaders with big ideas and that the cult of individualism has made it harder for us to join together under the centerist post-war consensus?


Thanks for this - really interesting (and agree with many others that it is frightening!).


I think that’s a pretty good summary, yeah.
Our politics - the media and the party structures - encourage very timid, careerist people to rise to the top. And when they get there, they’re surrounded by people who scare them off doing anything drastic, even when drastic measures are necessary. They’re scared of public opinion to the extent that they never do anything for the public.
It’s strange to look back even a few decades and look at the kinds of drastic, interventionist policy initiatives that were being enacted all over the place, things that would not be contemplated now.

In that sense I understand the Brexit vote - the desire to shake things up, to force change in a system where there are only two parties (of any influence) and neither of them are willing or capable of doing anything except tinker at the edges.


Our globalised economy has in many senses undermined political autonomy for all but the most powerful states, but i would also not underplay that the rise of nationalist populism is often tied with crises, and that the last economic one has not really been resolved. Neoliberalism is clearly a failure for all but the very wealthy. I think the EU is also teetering, but i’d personally have rathered we remained & attempted reform as it seems we’d have a better chance of reigning in the major corporations (& get them to pay appropriate taxes) as a single bloc.

Re the geopolitics stuff, i found both prisoners of geography & the silk roads to be very interesting reads.


In your post you politely write “can’t” … I would be harder and say “aren’t interested”.

If I watch our national and local politics acting, I can’t get rid of my impression that more and more politicians see the purpose of being a politician is to have a job, being paid well, staying as long as possible, and making the best as possible career.

Too much efford is invested by fighting competitors, even from the same party. Too often it reminds me of children fighting over a toy hard and uncompromisingly.

They even have no shame, if the charade is broadcasted world wide, like the shocking videos from the UK House of Commons “… order … order … order”. But that are not the only examples. There are much more.


I work in the field of finance and I am not a UK or EU citizen, however, I think the claimed negative affects of Brexit are largely exaggerated and highly speculative. As a outsider it reads to me like certain establishment types have been working very hard to prevent this and if history is any guide, that probably means they personally have much to lose, the masses, not so much.


Exactly, there is good and there is bad coming from the EU. I definitely agree, there must be changes to the better. It’s sad that somebody leaves the familiy, who could also help to improve what should be improved.


This might be true … the thing I am concerned about is that the promises of positive growth and benefits for the masses are completely based on verified lies.

Shall we trust liars? Better not!


no prices will not go down and where is no WTO deal. WTO regulate trading between countries if they dont have special agreements/deals.
So that means fees and taxes for everything that will be imported or exported so far i know.


The ‘£350mm a week from the EU’ theorists are now speculating that Canada, NZ and Australia, will want to form some sort of economic alliance…

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

― George W. Bush


Yes this is the so called CANZUK idea I posted about earlier, I don’t think it is such an outlandish proposal, given language, commonwealth etc.


All great countries, including the UK, and it is a very old idea (Churchill I think, but that was somewhat flavoured with a nostalgic and out-dated colonialist revival/anglosaxonism).
However those countries have already sought out and forged global trade deals, have committed supply and reciprocation to others and have all aligned themselves with EU standards to access the EU market. The UK will therefore need to meet the same EU rules they are trying to get away from, but not from the insider position they currently have.
Furthermore, the EU, a much bigger market, is on the UK’s doorstep. NZ/Canada/Aus not so much and the trade mix may not be anywhere close as attractive.

Why throw something valuable away in return for something theoretical and unproven?
Personally I think UK should put Brexit on ice for a while and count its (non chlorinated) chickens.
You can always Brexit again in the future, but once you’re out, you’re out.


Let’s not forget a WTO deal would basically be a no deal & therefore different customs arrangements. Live in Norway now & there is a not insignificant mark up on pretty much all music gear due to customs & border taxes.


Also geographic proximity seems to make this a no brainer. Excuse my sarcasm, I just couldn’t help it. And just to get this straight: I hope that all of us, continental Europeans as well as you folks in the UK, make it through this whole ordeal without too much harm done.


Canada, New Zealand and Australia should join the EU.

(based on established Eurovision song contest rules as to what a European country is)


Sorry I dont want to be harsh to my british friends but for a good trading deal you need something to trade. What do you have? German or Chinese cars that are build in UK or some Neve or SSL desks maybe Rolls Royce. I dont know that is enough…sorry guys! But industrial products arent your core competence anymore since 2 decades i guess.
British government destroy and sold out your industries not the EU…


“Innovative British jams and marmalade”? :roll_eyes:


Nothing man only my body but my luck i dont need to made any deal :grinning: