Will Brexit bring prices down in UK if we do a WTO deal


As with the quantity of trade made between continents, it will be the same with moving of people between continents. This is assumed to be a major advantage for the industries after a separation from the EU?

IMO it will be nice for people interested to move, for sure, but will this replace all the EU workers after kicking them out of the UK?

I don’t know the number of jobs in the UK, which have been created by EU companies. Those jobs are in danger and many of them are in the automotive and airspace industry. Even the financial industry looks to Paris or Frankfurt and has rented entire office floors already.

There was an interesting interview of a brexiteer on the street. He was asked, whether he didn’t consider that jobs could be lost after the brexit. He answered, yes, this might happen, but the UK had a great construction industry, which would compensate. They politely didn’t ask him, who would pay for construction, if there were no other jobs to make the money to pay for new streets or buildings?


I am neither strongly for or against the CANZUK proposal, I only mentioned it because I had seen a few youtube videos talking about it.

Of course the largest % of imports coming into the UK are from Germany, but obviously China and the US are significant too, so in that sense geography isn’t really an issue, I like most people am not keen on goods being unnecessarily being transported huge distances, especially things like food, but the reality is this is rather more widespread than we’d like, I am not against global trade but I also think that buying locally is important where possible, again and especially in regard to food, of course this is not always possible but in cases where it is I think that it should be something that the general population should be more conscious of.



  • Rolls Royce is VW and the brand belongs to BMW (Germany)
  • MG Rover is Nanjing Automobile Corporation (China)
  • Land Rover and Jaguar brand belongs to Tata (India)
  • Vauxhall Motors is Opel, which was Ford and belongs to PSA (France) now


We definitely should be trying to source things locally where we can.

On the matter of trade deals with the US & China, both of these are currently managed through the EU. Unfortunately, with
someone like Boris Johnson in charge we will go cap in hand to the US and get a downgraded version of TTIP, which was a terrible proposal in the first place. The NHS will be sold off piece by piece. It is a ridiculous mess we are in & has proved to be unnecessarily divisive. The EU has some serious flaws but with the jingoistic people in charge of the UK, the management of this exit was always going to be a car crash. Admittedly generally try to stay out of these debates online, but i have very little hope in our current set of politicians to handle this in a way that doesn’t have seriously harmful consequences. Particularly depressing at a time where coorporation is so key to resolving the climate catastrophe looming on the horizon.


As a convinced European I would like to see a CANZEU and EU including the UK.



There has been a conscious effort in the UK to rebrand many of Scotland’s exports with a British vibe over the past couple of years. Many of our Whisky bottles (a significant market) now have to sport the Union Flag. I’m sure this was even pressed on to haggis ffs!

Of course, whisky and haggis aren’t the UK economy saviours but there is definitely a game being played with regards to these types of “national” products


not actually sure what your point is here. the uk exporter rank is 10th.
but, like the pound, it’s more than likely that this will also take a clobbering after brexit.
i’m hoping for a second ref and a decision thereafter to remain and work thru existing issues constructively with the eu.


Unfortunately, despite this remarkably polite and measured discussion (for online Brexit discussions) , the major downer has been a renewed focus on nationalist and racist politics in the UK. In some ways it feels like a step back in time, although from those dark times in the late 1970’s and 1980’s (when seismic social change, economic destruction and the threat of nuclear Armageddon seemed like real outcomes), the buds of electronic music culture were beginning to flower…


My point is lot of this companies arent british anymore and cant wait years for new deals in consequence they move their production to other countries. If the UK is still on 10th afterwards big???


sounds like pure bojo. i think i’d probably find the likes of him and toad of toadhall (farage) quite amusing if i didn’t live here in the uk.


yep, and even if they are and were for brexit, like dyson, they’ve still/will decide to bugger off and relocate.


Yeah, all these creeps feed into each other, which is why none of us should laugh at the unfortunate authoritarian/fascist bent leaders in any nation, they embolden the populists in any other nation, provide financial support, and network through the state to spread their ideology. A shameless person doesn’t care that they’re a laughingstock if they can engineer the votes to keep themselves in power and suppress votes.


I fear that this has more the stench of 1933.

Those nationalists are not only against so called foreigners. It’s only the beginning. They are against everybody, who is not to their liking. At the end even a different political opinion can be the reason to be persecuted.


The Internet has detracted from the sort of immersive and healthy subculture spaces that existed at the time and replaced them with “internet culture”, which does not provide for the same creative outlets and support structure.

Late 70s to 80swise, I saw Industrial Accident: The Story of Waxtrax recently and while sad in comparison to today’s decentralization (relying mostly on social media) replacing the same societal cohesion but gave some hope for US/EU collaboration again. A really wonderful story of misfits, queer art, and weirdos of all stripe. Opportunities are better for networking, especially in small towns, but a physical space has been lost, and even in larger cities finding places to casually meet likeminded persons is difficult.


And they have the cheek to pretend to be true proponents of free speech


Aside from a very small number of absolute idiots and a much inflated media hype I don’t believe this to be true, and it is a little disturbing to see nationalism and racism continuously being lumped together as similar.

Nationalism from any reasonable persons perspective is looking out for and being concerned with national interests, absolutely nothing wrong with that and we all pretty much depend on it to a certain extent. This isn’t to say that everyone in the Brexit debate is necessarily looking out for national interests on both sides, and it isn’t to say that nationalism comes at the cost of relationships to other countries either, I think these things are much more complex than that, and there is absolutely no reason why people can’t be both nationalist on some things and not on others, when these things become extremist and destructive is where things go wrong.

I think the more we try to have nuanced and considered views on these kind of things the better.


I agree & one of the problems surrounding the brexit debate is the often snooty attitude of certain remainers towards brexiteers. It’s true that most normal people who have nationalist views are not racist, The RMT were pro-brexit and hardly racist, but the likes of Farage, the sensationalist media & UKIP have made those sentiments toxic. There is also a worrying rise of semi-authoritarian nationalists across the world.


I think it is also worth remembering that a lot of people who voted leave have very little financially to lose anyway, so to simply label them racist definitely isn’t going to win them back, in addition many of these communities are multi racial anyway.


Agreed 100%. Most of the establishment media in the US are pushing this ridiculous claim as well. It is complete and utter nonsense yet they’ll scream at black and hispanic supporters calling them white supremacists. This of course is designed to inject emotion and shut down discussion of the facts in any rational fashion.

It isn’t evil to be looking out for ones own self interest. We should probably ask why some people don’t want the masses to do so.


I think it is an easy cop out, the “problem” being that people are different and some way to heard them into camps suits bad actors. Unfortunately people are susceptible to these biases, and it could be reasonably argued that bi-partisan politics depends on this.