Why is the Digitone clicking?

That’s not a bad idea at all! It gives dynamic in sound too.

Of course, you may gets clicks with one voice, too, when a new trig interrupts the still playing one (and the envelope is configured to restart from 0).

Makes sense!

I agree, I also get much clicking when I programm on the Digitone, it´s a shame that you are interrupted in your workflow looking for the cause, and it can not always be eliminated. Didn´t experience this with any other synth, and I´ve played alot.
And I also find it a bit strange that many users here are saying that it is a normal behaviour with a synthesizer and a user error, if you don´t know how to follow the steps to avoid it. For me, all these steps are rather kind of workarounds and certainly not basic universal synth programming skills. I would indeed say the click/pop issue is hardware related - but sure, if you know what you are doing, you can work around it.


@Ouranon it has been explained over and over again, Ess has explained it over and over again. I do not get clicks by doing this so follow my instructions!

Turn off amp envelope reset, turn off operator reset, don’t use an attack time under two or three ( maybe even go higher), don’t use a release time under two or three, make sure that your voices are allocated correctly and that you are aware of how note length is affecting the polyphony setting…

if you’re so worried about the clicking have you read this thread? Because i find it hard to believe that you’d be still having such issues if you’ve read the thread


Thanks for taking the time to summarize it once again, I was a bit impatient I admit that I have to go thru advices and follow specific settings and rules in order to avoid clicks. It just wasn´t something that I had to do on any other synth (besides excessive envelope settings of course). Voice stealing is nothing new for me of course, but never had I encountered clicking regarding this.
edit: ok, just read the post from acidhouseforall, quite interesting.

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So I know if a note overlaps with another it can result in a “voice collision” and a click can occur. With a patch that is monophonic, say a bass for instance, would it be better to adjust the note lengths or the release times? Or both?

Me personally I always set the note length just a little shorter than my actual sequenced note. So for instance an 8 trig long note, I would set note length to 7.75 or even 7.5 and use release setting to reach desired length…


Yeah I do that, but still get clicking.

Something that needs fixing for sure.

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@Munro Have you turned off operator reset? Amp reset? What is your release and attack at?


Sine Wave not retriggered at zero in their phase clicks. Long Releases overlapping or very short release can cause clicking, too. No Phase Reset with longer attack can help sometimes. Short Attack with no Phase reset of course clicks sometimes depending on where it retrigs in the phase.