Why do youtube videos auto play while scrolling in a thread?

every time. every time. I’ll press play on a youtube video in a thread. then i’ll stop. then i’ll start scrolling in the thread and the video will start to play again. what’s funny is if i played then stopped more than one video… they all start playing once i start scrolling. is this a safari problem? it doesn’t happen on any other forum.

I just mute youtube videos after i play them other wise i’ll hear them again when i continue to read a thread.

It’s annoying, isn’t it. It’s because of the dynamic loading of Discourse, the forum software. Instead of paginating a thread it only loads the page content just above and below the post you’re looking at.

What happens with the Youtube player that embeds the Youtube links into posts is that when the content gets reloaded as the page scrolls it thinks “ah, you are asking me to load a video you already started watching” and autoplays it, as though you had lost internet connection and regained it, or reloaded the page. I’m not sure if there’s a setting in the forum software that can prevent that.


my “solution” for that is not stopping the videos but set the cursor on the timeline to the end.

Never happens for me with firefox on the desktop or chrome on Android.

finalform thanks for the explanation! interesting. i’ll just continue muting videos.

Easy fix if you’re using Chrome… install Enhancer for YouTube. It might be available for Firefox and Safari as well, but I’m not sure. Been using it for years and highly recommended!

Among many other amazing things you can control autoplay functionality.

EDIT: Just saw the OP is using Safari, so this might not be available.

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