Why do people not like Pickup Machines?

So I’ve only had my OT a few days but managed to set up live looping with Pick Up Machines. I don’t see any major problems with them as of yet. They are staying synced and seem reliable. I want to always have mine slaved to the sequencer master tempo. Is this an issue as long as I quantize the Pick up machine to a set length? Are there any issues I should be concerned with with Pick Up Machines?

Maybe they don’t need to move them.

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I love them. As long as fades are set up just as it says in the manual, there haven’t been clicks or anything for me.


I would intermittently get clicks when it looped, its a pretty common issue Clickup Machines


Good to know. Do you know if I could trig the volume to mute on a pickup in a pattern change then trig an unmute on another pattern change?

Main reasons people don’t like them are probably that the controls are a bit uninituitive, and importantly, they don’t function correctly when the OT is slaved.

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I love them

I use them too, mainly for random sampling using the HOLD function with a Morningstar MC6 foot controller. I can cue the picked up sample by foot and test external effects or resample somewhere else. Another foot click and I go on to the next track with a new pickup machine.

Update … makes me want to go sample some sh*t but I am stuck in bed with a sick kiddo having fever, the poor little man :meh:

I’ve played about with them but at the moment I’ve been having tons of fun sampling into flex machines and building up loops that way. I’m putting together a set for an up coming gig atm but once this particular project is finished I’m going to set up a new one with my OB6 and modular so I can get it fully explored. I feel like they will really expand my live set. Does anyone already use them for actual performances?

On MKI they are not quite as “intuitive” on MKII they are a bit easier to use, IMHO.


don’t need em personally. flex do what I need :+1:t3:

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I’m not too sure actually. And I’m on deadline at the moment so can’t investigate, but it would be awesome to know if it’s possible. Maybe resident OT guru @sezare56 will have the answer?

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Busy too!

Pickups don’t have trigs, I’d try patterns with different part settings. With Arranger I’m not sure mutes or scenes would work.

Easier with Flex : no trig = mute. You can record with a Pickup, play the recording with a Flex.


Thanks. I will try this. So many options! I do have a feeling this box will get it done for me somehow


For me the combination of random errors - I forget the text but it was common for many users - combined with the power of sampling into flex machines turned me off from the pick-up machines.

It sounds like I’m being facetious but I’d like to hear why you do like them and your workflow. Perhaps I can learn something. I’ve tried many times to use them but always move back to flex machine recording.



The fact that I was sometimes one accidental button press from changing my performance’s live BPM from 133bpm to 102.66 BPM or 113.1 BPM, etc… it was too high risk.

Blessing in disguise tho, as it forced me to dig in and finally figure out live flex sampling/looping.

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I’m very new to the Octatrack (only 3 days) so my experience is very limited. I want to do live looping alongside stems(4-8 bar loops) Both machines seem to function as needed to follow main temp of the sequencer. (my desired behavior)
Please correct me if I’m wrong or there are workarounds.

Pick Up Machines
Benefits: Overdubbing and the ability to easily clear the loop.
Downsides: Cannot use trigs.

Flex Machines
Benefits: Can use trigs, more mangling options.
Downsides: No overdubbing and cannot easily clear the loop with one press.

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Hey can you point me to a good set-up for flex live looping? How about clearing the loop? I don’t see an easy way to do that. Thanks in advance!

Who told you people do not like pickup machines?

Sounds like the kind of person who believes Corona beer will give you Coronavirus

sure, I can share a draft of the guide I’ve made for myself to never forget how I set it up on my own OT MK1. But first, are you looping the external input, or internal tracks?

The only way i clear the loop is by recording another.