Why buy a Digitone?


I have an Octatrack MK2 & an A4 MK1. I reeaalllly want to buy a Digitone, but why do I need one? Convince me.


You don’t need one unless you want one …
Watch red means recording latest videos about the digitone might give you an idea if you want one.


I’m sorry but that’s not how it works. It’s not our job to do the free emotional labor of reading your mind and then try to convince you to act upon your own desires.

But if you have questions about the Digitone and how it works, this is a great place to ask.


It’s a really clever 4 operator design that works with parameter locking the algorithm. It’s like the A4 but with a more digital synth engine. Do you want to make FM sounds?


Are you into fm synthesis? I don’t think either of the boxes you have will do a proper job of that. I also think that the lack of song mode/pattern chaining/etc. (fuzzy on specifics since I haven’t really looked into the smaller boxes) is pretty well remedied if you can sequence it from the OT. But again, if you don’t really need or want that fm synthesis sound, I don’t know why you’d go for it.


Most convincing response so far! From what I’ve heard, the Digitone sounds amazing & I do like the FM sound & have nothing of that sound in my setup. Most of my other gear (Neutron, Mb33, Tanzbdar Lite) is analog & this is really the first digital synth I’ve had GAS over. It’s unique FM sound + the Elektron workflow pretty much have me sold, but still interested in reasons why people love it (or don’t).


Don’t buy it. Buy FM packs and test if FM is really what your music needs.


Just buy one. They sound great, operate just like other Elektron pieces, plus they have great resale value.

In all honesty, I bought mine because I knew what to expect from Elektron. And sure enough I have not regretted it one bit. My favorite feature which might come as a surprise is the way you can use it as an effects processor for external synths.The L+R inputs make it so that you can give an external device a variety of delay, reverb, chorus and even overdrive, which all sound amazing. All in all, for about 600 dollars, you get a great synth.


I’m in kind of a weird spot. I currently have a DT and really enjoy the work flow. It’s my only piece of Elektron gear and I’d like another to play with it.

I want to want a DN because I’ve heard how the two make a great pair, but unfortunately I find I don’t like the sound of it that much. Which makes me feel crazy because so many people say how much they love how it sounds!!
Like, I wish there was a DigiWave or something that offered different types of synthesis. I’m drawn to the DN for its polyphony, chord mode, arpeggiator, effects, modulatability, price, etc, but the sound of the box leaves me feeling cold. At least from what I’ve heard from demos, FM just doesn’t do it for me :frowning:

I’d love to try one out to see if I could get some different sounds out of it.


You know how to electron because you octatracking and A4ing. Why not try first with some vst’s if fm fits to your style? Anyway, you must look yourself if you like it. I think you are mature enough for this, and youtube is full of good demos so you get an idea whats going on with the digitone.


Considering it’s versatility and the fact that unlike many other FM synths it incorporates concepts of traditional subtractive synthesis, I find that surprising. There’s a very broad range of sounds you can get out of the DN and a lot of them don’t sound like your middle of the road cheesy glassy 80s EP sounds. For example it can produce gargantuan kick drums.


Haha yeah hence why I said it makes me feel like a crazy person! Like, why can’t I be inspired by this thing so many people agree is amazing?

I feel like a majority of what I’ve heard online tends to focus on the types of glassy sounds that, unfortunately, just don’t appeal to me.
Like I said, I’d like to work with one in person to see if I could coax some different sounds out of it.


@YKK Maybe consider a used A4 MK1? Part of the reason I’m on the fence about the Digitone is I haven’t been using my A4 to it’s full potential. But the DN’s sound is so different. Especially craving that polyphony and ambient melodic potential.


This. It really is extremely versatile.


Digitone is my first and only elektron product so far just over two weeks ago. Naturally I instantly fell in love with the sequencer, build quality and the way the buttons go clickety-click :slight_smile:

Anywhere I wasn’t so sold on the sound. I love operator in ableton which has been by goto for a few years, but even going through the presets I was a little disappointed.

Two weeks later after reading the manual a couple of times and losing a couple of nights sleep tweaking the synth engine I’ve completely changed my mind on the sound. It can be the least FM sounding FM synth going. Most of what I’ve seen online is folks using it as a groove box with the seperate channels playing multitrack stuff. I’ve had much more fun using the voice layer function to make some huge walls of morphing sounds.

Aside from that I think everyone needs an FM synth. Well that’s a bold statement… but me anyway sometimes I don’t want to hear a filter, especially with bass sounds in a busy mix. FM is great for adding shape and character to lower frequencies without having to eat into the higher frequency range. The digitone does this very nicely.

I’d like to see the ability to change envelope curves as sometimes the modulator sound seems to jump up from nowhere compared to some other FM stuff, but it didn’t bother me for long.



Because you cannot find such complex rich instrument for such a low price anywhere.

Best of all worlds, classic FM, Groovebox, and analog type properties and shaping.

Nevermind the seq.


Why not buy a Digitone?


I think that was my issue as well. I judged it based on YT videos and I didn’t like most of what I saw with the exception of few videos.

Then I decided to spend time on operator and Ableton instead. So far I’m finding that to be really rewarding.

If I would get a DN it would most likely be for the sequencer and arp and the way it works, but honestly that’s a lot of money for something I sort of have something like.

So far my main issue with Ableton devices is the lack of assignable lfo’s. That to me is such an oversight. I tried using my DT lfos to mess with ableton but the whole thing is clunky as hell and doesn’t feel smooth/enjoyable to do.

Any recommendations?


Max4Live should provide a solution.


Love operator. Hate my laptop.