Why aren't my p-locks working?

I use the Digitone slaved to an Octatrack. All sequencing duties are made by the Octa, leaving the Digitone basically as a sound / fx source : by doing this i can simplify my song writing and workflow.

BUT i still want to use the Digitone sequencer to p-lock FX. For instance, i have several notes being triggered by the Octa and i want that only the note on step 13 to be played with the full DT’s reverb. By achieve this i click Func+13 on the Digitone, hold step 13 and increase the REV to maximum.

But nothing happens, the note plays normally, without any change in Reverb.

What am i doing wrong ? :woozy_face:

External sequencer will override the internal sequencer. So if you are triggering the note and the plock on the same step the octa note send overrides the digitone trig. Try moving the digitone trig slightly off grid, see if that works.


I understand … any way of controlling the track reverb by sending Midi CCs from the Octa ?

I tried putting the p-lock on a step that is not being used by the Octa sequencer and still, won’t work.

Any fix / workaround in this scenario ?

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Edit : actually it work, the track was muted :blush: