Why are used old Elektron MD still expensive?


TRX kick is just THE digital kick…
This is worth enough the price :wink:


Yeah, the TRX BD is ace, though can quickly over power your other instruments if not careful with the decay. Other reasons I love the Machinedrum.

  • 16 freely assignable lfos add variation and movement to the percussion or make it extra weird
  • Can make basslines with SIN machine or decay from kick drums
  • extremely quick to work with, immediate results
  • CTR machines can help to create drum fills or completely new patterns quickly
  • midi clock is pretty solid, MIDI machines are nice to have as well
  • parameter locks
  • the reverb is great for ambient percussion
  • logical setup for performance

Will never sell.


well MD got me into Elektron gear! I wanted to buy my friend’s MD but he refused to part with it even though he as a newer Rytm and tons of gear. So far been happy with my Analog4 and Octatrack that covers synths, pads and drums well enough.


Probably because they’re the shit. I know the architecture is the same as other elektron boxes but it is really unique


I actually got one in absolutely pristine condition from Scot_Solida. It was gorgeous, and happened to be the first time I had an MD. It was a beautiful machine. I loved the feel of it, it looked nice, and the audio quality excellent.

I didn’t really gel with it despite having plenty of MonoMachine experience (not to mention newer Elektrons), but it wasn’t really the MD. I was pretty specifically looking for more traditional X0X drum synthesis, and while the TR machine isn’t bad, it wasn’t the exact tone I was looking for. The truly powerful portions (like the FM etc.) were wasted on me, because I do all that via modular gear (and now the Digitone) so I ended up selling it on to someone that would make better use of it.

As to the topic here, I’d say it’s still worth every cent that it fetches, provided what it does is what you’re looking for. Very cool machine, and I could see them cleaning up if they released a modern one with some very small enhancements to the sound engines, and all of the newer sequencer features.

Anyway, definitely worth the going prices. I just wish it matched up with what I needed at the time.


This is great! It reminds me I need to keep experimentation in my workflow with my MD.


It is a good tutorial like upload and has injected energy to commit to the MD more this winter. Such a mysteriously intriguing machine.


Put me down for one as well. :sunglasses: