Why are dust covers so expensive? (aka: any tips for cheaper alternatives?)


We’ve been redecorating our house a bit, and I managed to conquer a corner/alcove of a room for my gear.

Now I was planning to buy hard plastic decksavers, but if I do that for my Models, Microfreak, mixing desk, Neutron and Blackbox (both not on the pic), I will be looking at 200-300 euro’s, which is insane for a pile of plastic covers.

So I am looking for alternatives. I really would like an aesthetic solution. I know some of you use old sheets or bath towels, but this corner is really in the center of our apartment. Also gonna pimp the space with some nice wooden shelfs, a cool lamp etc.

Any suggestions? Also read about people who just leave their gear uncovered and remove dust from time to time with a brush. I’m a bit hesitant because we have two cats who are real gearslutz. :smiley_cat:

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