who uses 100% OT, if not what are your favourite uses?


A lot of slide trigs, kinda using them like tween keyframes. The midi was sending out multiple cc values to modulate parameters for a vertex shader I wrote. The fun part was how slick the arranger in the OT was, u can play patterns at different speeds and how they include OT and midi tracks together.


Congrats. Very inspiring. Want to play Vj softwares again (Arkaos / Resolume).


This - lazy old man music :slight_smile: It’s sorta like showing my jottings really but I find I prefer that kind of thing to polished/finished these days.


umm this may be the best thing on this entire forum.


Ha!, Well, you’re certainly not lazy… and if you’re an old man, so, too, am I. (and I’ve listen to quite a lot of your music over the years). Just listening to the third track now and it’s exactly the sort of thing I love. :heart_eyes:


Great job on this. Looks and sounds fantastic. How did you get the sounds to sort of “break” like that?


Cheers, I am really enjoying my simple form of playing now I’m (almost) retired. Indulgent but fun. Thanks!!


Well, keep enjoying it and we all win!




In the process of moving now so I am using my OT 100%. I think you miss out on a lot of the functionality of it not incorporating other machines into it, but it is possible to make interesting and good music with it granted you’ve loaded it up with some samples. That said, I can’t wait to get it hooked back up to my other gear…


I use the OT as the brain of my setup, controlling external synths and sending program changes to Rytm and Digitone, as well to play samples.

Would be very limiting to make music ONLY with the Octa, i need some synth sounds i can tweak live :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok. Now I am selling everything I own except my octatrack. Anyone need a shirt, gently worn?


Check out JonMakesBeats on Twitch. Jon Wayne had a show where he was making HipHop beats with OT and sampling.


Super interesting. Can you tell us some more about your work, some links, a website maybe?


Computers kill my creativity, thats why I modified my Octatrack firmware to browse the web

Written from my Octatrack MkII


Unfortunately audio tracks send CCs only when tweaking. So you added midi tracks synchronized to audio tracks? No notes to trigger images?


Brilliant!!! How?!


Thanks! If you mean what I think you mean then it was sliding RTIM and RATE at the same time after setting INF to RETRIG count.

Yes! Very interested in taking audio concepts to translate visually (wavetables to morphing objects, LPF filter sweep represented by the soft focus of a camera, etc.) I’m definitely going to have a website finished before I graduate but here’s my instagram with a few older/newer stuff.

Yes, it was synchronized manually, it was a grueling process since I forced myself to make the visual and audio sequence simultaneously. Didn’t really use the pitch and note on/off values, only the CC vals I parameter locked. I also used MIDI LFOs on some parameters too, I should interpolate them next time though since I think they only send whole number vals.


You know what’s funny? Last night I was messing with setting scene B to affect retrig time and trig number, leading to similar results, and I said “ohhh that’s how he did it”


That’s definitely what I want. I was a bit disappointed when I realized plocked or notes informations were not sent by audio tracks sequencer.
What about midi loopback, sequencing midi to audio tracks with midi tracks? That way you do both at the same time, sending midi to your visuals via Thru. No midi slides, no midi scenes unfortunately. Anyway you can use the CC48 sent by the crossfader.

Other interesting approach with midi loopback for me : use the same channel for all tracks > control all, midi sent while tweaking all tracks.