who uses 100% OT, if not what are your favourite uses?

You can sequence multiple audio tracks with only one midi track? I’ve done a similar approach with cloning audio tracks so all have the same sample+FX with midiloopback with RK-002 but it was kinda slow to setup/manage.

Yeah the lack of MIDI slides really sucks, I think I read somewhere the monomachine can do it? Anyway I remember briefly talking to Mario from elektron and I think Daniel Troberg in a brooklyn synth expo a while ago about how slide trigs work. Apparently the slide resolution in the internal tracks are limited to the microtiming notches so the aliasing is almost imperceptible for most parameters. However, you get phasing issues when sliding or scanning with LFO through 2D wavetables unless you scan through them with a crossfader. Now that the octatrack is dead update wise, it’s a shame they couldn’t include a virtual internal MIDI loopback to let users go beyond the limitations of audio tracks. It would leave the OT still a worthy adversary to future samplers which might include polyphony, pitching up more than one octave lol.

The octatrack is the only gear I own aside from a laptop and part of the reason why I think not many people use it standalone is bc the lack of control of routing options with trigs kinda like how one track in the mono can sequence multiple machines at once. Otherwise making things like chords are difficult or destructive from resampling.

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Yes, without perfect control of each track parameter but if you use the same midi channel for all tracks, trigger track samples individually (36-43), or all chromatically (72-96), control all tracks parameters with CCs.
CC use is pretty easy to remember with 5 midi tracks, using the 6 knobs of CTRL2.
Midi T1 = SRC/Playback page
Midi T2 = Amp page
You can use more midi channels for groups.
You can use lfos if you want to set different parameters destinations for each track.
You can create specific settings / offsets (hence chords) for each track with scene pairs trigless trigs (IIRC, incoming notes may override plocked settings). You can control scenes, hence have different chords per scene pair.

You can program the RK002, map velocity to an lfo, choose a different lfo dest for each track.

Machinedrum can do it, I recorded OT crossfader with it, smoothing slides on each step. I don’t know about MNM.

For wavetables, you can modulate the crossfader with midi lfos. Tested.

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Interesting, would you mind elaborating on this?

I made this with just octatrack, usually I use it paired with maschine for infinite sounds but sometimes it’s nice to just sit back with OT alone


agreed! incredible stuff there mlee!

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Amazing. May I ask how you put together the audio? You mentioned using the arranger but… I can’t imagine that this was performed all in one take? Was other gear used besides the OT?

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Everything was sequenced in the arranger and I just hit play. I was messing with tempo in the arranger too along with recycling different sections of some patterns. I don’t own any gear aside from a laptop which I use to make samples with softsynths. Some of the sounds are a sequence of internally resampled single cycle waveforms arranged into a pattern. Usually I also mix on there but this audio was coming directly out of the OT.


And which software did you use to create the visuals?

Is that a 3d julia set?

Dude! Really liking this!

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Gunna chip in on this thread right now:

Had 2 OT’s and still got ‘em. Produced better stuff on one. Got RYTM and pondered acquiring a second but will decline due to previous experiments.

In all, things got a tad too unfocused trying to do live jams with 2 OT’s: I also have lots of other gear running. I’ve never tried just two OT’s and two OT’s only. I don’t really think it would be my lick either; these boxes are so complex and unique that one can compliment another but two of the same creates chaos… unless you are using them for streaming stems.

I have no idea what it is you are trying to accomplish so my advice is, as always, EXPERIMENT!!! The second hand market is healthy so pick one up from there and if it don’t fit you’ll know what to do!


No, I wish I knew how to make something like that but it’s a torus with rotation offset along with a shader that rounds edges of verticies giving it a voxelly effect.

Made in Unity :slight_smile:


agree…and I like your idea of integrating push2 (live) I am trying to do the same…how are you applying Push2…is it simountanouse or is it after you are done working on OT you upload it to Live and use Push?

Cool! Very impressive :wink:

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My favorite use was concerned by that.
Realtime playing of recorders.
I don’t want to use my Octatrack.
First pass is buggy. Can’t stand it.

Usually working on OT alone on the couch or in bed. or working on the OT but through abe, so clips can be grabbed whenever. I’ve had less interesting results trying to compose on both simultaneously but I’m getting better at it. So much fun either way


I like to give each of the OT tracks a track in ableton, then basically turn OT patterns into Abe scenes. If you have OT slaved to ableton, you never have to hit stop to get all the tracks into Abe, very fun. Add a bunch of variations through OT scenes. Add fx(drum buss ah!), automation etc. synths. Sometimes more percussion. Jam in session into arrangement mode.

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thank you and much appreciate, my friend.
for sharing your process … very efficient and opens up the potential…most sensible approach I have not considered.

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Anytime! It really unlocks everything the OT is lacking, and the OT is way more immediate (for me at least) to tweak stuff and sequence stuff initially. But experiment and see what works for you. Another thing i mess with sometimes, is coming out of abe back into the OT for resampling :sunglasses::star_struck::headphones::headphones:

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