White Noise?

Just playing around with my new Digitone.
And I tried to program some snares this evening.

Is there a way to get white noise without a tone in it?

Is it just me or is there always a tone in it when using feedback full up?
Guess its the way FM strictly works…just used Abletons Operator so far.

Adjustable Phase Reset would be awesome. There is still an empty field in the reset page, Elektron.

Not without a tone. But try to turn up the operator feedback all the way and have a high amount of FM and play around with the ratios a bit. That will create different colours of noise. And then you can shape it with the filter bit.

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Thanks. Yes that way I have found some good results.
And using the Envelope in the LFO Section @ Volume.

Seems to be snappier than the linear Amp Envelope.

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Sample and hold lfo at 2k rate gets a kinda chunky pink noise sound. Put it on the amp level with a fade combined with tonal feedback noise?

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thanks, sounds nice…Amp Modulation… I will try later, so many useful tips here…besides the right combination between the noise and hit, that needs a pitch envelope. XY Fade is also charming. Snare and Kick are hard with 2 LFOs. I guess just layering helps for my needs.
But its ok and a working snare can be turned fast for a song. Kick and Snare really need a compressor. I hope…That machine has an incredible nice workflow, my old Electribe 2 with the Tubes gets pale…


Oh man, you are right. There is really no tone as I finetune the Harmonic for AB.

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A HP filter at around 80 and the tone is gone. Pure white noise.

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