Where to find a Monomachine faceplate?


I’ve tried dickmalibu and posted a wtb thread in the marketplace but are they any other alternative you guys know, I purchased a second hand MnM and the faceplate is warped and screen cracked and want to replace it. Thanks!


Don’t know about like for like replacements but you could maybe get one of those styleflip skins and replace the screen with a bit of perspex!


Maybe measuring the faceplate and designing one in autocad and getting it laser cutted is the easiest way to go, unless you’re able to find someone with a defective MnM willing to cannibalize it for parts. There’s plenty of laser cutting businesses capable of doing just that for around 50-60€.


Should be spare faceplates around. People that bought DickMalibu plates would still have their originals.


Pm sent


Thanks guys, not sorted yet so if you happen to have one around let me know!


Are you back in the game? I’ve been hankering for a black MnM faceplate if so!