Where to buy in depth tutorials of elektron machines?


I was interested in the Octatrack one, how in-depth does he go?


Please keep up with your youtube videos umonox. They are very helpful.


Carl Mikael’s Cabinet of Curiosities

This guy does excellent work.

Also, Cuckoo an Carl Mikael balance each other nicely, they would make a great pair!


thanks mate. trying my best to NOT be the usual german … :relieved:


He really does a great job. His voice sounds like Barack Obama.


There are a lot of tutorials out there, Cuckoo, Cabinet of Curiosities etc. etc., but the new-ish Thavius Beck MacPro Video sessions are by far the best for methodical learning, really easy to follow. I can’t recommend them enough. If I had been able to watch the Octatrack video he did recently, when I first bought my OT, I would have learned it soooooo much faster!!


Was it worth watching it at a later stage?


Yes, absolutely, it helped fill a lot of gaps that I had in my understanding. I’m going to watch the A4 tutorial too, even though I know how to use mine fairly well. He’s just got a good technique, and the structure of the tutorials work really well - for me at least :wink:


Ooooohhh. This is really a topic that draws my interest.

I’ve worked with education for all my professional life. I’ve worked with young children in kindergarten and primary schooling. I’ve taught at the teacher training programme at Malmö university for 15 years. Now I do educational development at that same institution.

Part time is freelance work. Some of which I use for the Cabinet of Curiosities.

I’d love to be able to monetize the work I do on tutorials on electronic music and instruments. And I’m experimenting to find a model where that is possible.

There is a lot of good stuff being done commercially and freely available. But - and I’m gonna stick my chin out - there is a tendency towards dark rooms and blinking lights or one-camera productions with nothing but machine and hands. I’m aiming for video tutorials designed for learning that actually use the video media for all its capabilities. Tutorials with a learning focus - not on functions, but on what the learner would like to be able to do or accomplish. Video manuals might have their place - but I wanna produce videos that help the learner develop skills, knowledge and understanding.

That takes time. A typical CabCurio tutorial (10-20 minutes) takes me probably 40 hours to script, prepare, shoot, edit and publish. One video == 1/4 of my monthly work time. I’m not making that kind of money. Yet.

This is a love project. For the love of teaching and learning. For the love of electronic music and instruments. :heart: :heart_decoration: :heart:

But I’d love to find a way to make this doable in the long run. Reading the OP - there seems to be people willing to pay.

Hi fives and hugs! //Carl-Mikael


I’ve heard theres people doing lessons with skype. My old drum teacher told me that so it was for acoustic stuff and maybe a bit of a hassle setting things up with the sound for electronic music though…



someone know if a monomachine’s tutorial exist?
i only know


this channel is superb (just discovered)


Is the course by Thavius Beck also helpful for little more experienced users? How deep does it go?
I’m considering it anyway, since I spent a lot of time with it’s synthesis and sequencer, but slept a little bit on basic structure and shortcuts :slight_smile:


New tut available


I might be different but I only touch basics from videos to get me up to speed with UI.
Then I just start turning every knob and pressing every button to see what it does while reading the manual.


Hi there, i’m glad to be here after such a long waiting.:grin:
Today my Analog Rytm mk2 arrived…:heart_eyes:…that’s my first Elektron and my first Analog Drum machine as well; i’m coming from an Arturia Spark.

Considering that i’m starting from scratch here, what kind of suggestion do you have for me?
Where can i find some well-built(better if step-by-step) tutorial out there?

Thanx for all



Overbridge is not worth wasting time on for me (I have an AR MK1 and a Mac running Live). I prefer editing sounds on the hardware and the audio over USB just doesn’t work properly with Ableton. Instead I bought a cheap second hand 8 channel A/D converter (and breakout cables) to mix the AR’s individual outputs. OB also fails to back up data properly and has no sample management so it’s rather useless to me.


Thavius Beck has some good intro level courses at https://www.macprovideo.com/ (not just Macs) for Digitakt, Analog Four, and Octatrack.




None of these are about the super complex functions of the machines, but they are great ways to get acquainted with them if you are new to them. :slight_smile:


There needs to be some advanced level professional videos for the MKII series. I’d pay for them.