Where has the fx output channel gone? (A4 into ableton via overbridge)

I have updated to the new firmware on my A4 MKI and am now using Overbridge 2.0.24. I was previously running channels 1 - 4 into their own tracks in ableton with a fifth track dedicated to the fx sends. After upgrading there doesnt seem to be an input option from the A4 effects sends Just Main, tracks 1 - 4 & the inputs. Anyone else experiencing this? It seemed to be routing the fx when I installed it and opened my previous ableton session but now it has randomly stopped sending effects and the input option has disappeared.

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In my setup the fx are sent to the main and I just set the audio settings on the A4 so that tracks 1-4 don’t go to the main. I think that’s what your wanting to do? It’s in the audio routings menu. In Ableton I have 5 audio tracks, one for each track and one set to the main that’s just for the fx.

Yea I’ve been using that as a work around. It was just strange that the fx out disappeared

The effects always come out of the main buss on OB. Assign tracks 1-4 to the individual outs over USB to isolate the effects.

I would love for there to be a separate FX only output option. If i want to plug headphones into my A4 and multitrack the session, there’s currently no way to get an fx only track because I have to send t1-4 to main for monitoring purposes. I could monitor in Ableton but that really takes me out of the hardware headspace and only the fx would be sent to my OT anyway.