Where can i repair my machinedrum



I just bought a machinedrum sps1 but the big button used to select the instrument has a false contact and one of the eight knob is broken.
I wish to know where I can have this machine repaired. I read that we could send the machines to Elektron factory for repairs. Can you guide me on this?

here the link who show the problems :

Thank you


You should register yourself on elektron.se and then create a support ticket.




Ok thank you


the first thing i would do is to pull teh data entry wheel off to inspect the encoder. you can do it without removing the face plate and everything else. if it’s just the encoder that is worn out, you have luck, because you can repair it quite easy with low costs. is this a MK1 or MK2 Machinedrum? for broken MK1’s, you’ll get no longer support from elektron btw.


Where are you based? Your local music tech shop might have a servicing department.


no longer support, pfff, they could still at least do an encoder upgrade but no, buy our other machines! Imagine buying a Ferrari and after 10 or 15 years they say you are no longer welcome with your car! Roland still works on your old SH101, but ‘the boutique’ brand Elektron no no no!


Hello MDMnM,
Thank you to your reply :slightly_smiling_face:
How can pull the data entry will off ? I opened the machinedrum and took off the wheel and turn the encoder. The evil is still there. How can i repair the encoder. Can you help me ?


just pull the data wheel off carefully. i dunno, how to find out if the data entry encoder is broken, from the computer right here. in the most cases, you can feel it when the encoder is way too wobbly. but this is not a 100% guarantee that the issue lies there. i already replaced all encoders of my MD UW a while ago, because the encoders became wobbly eventually and the Data Wheel had some dropouts, but it wasn’t such a mess that your Data Wheel shows in that video. this could be another problem as well. just start by inspecting the mainboard for lose cable connections or bad/cold solder points. anyways…did you already found my MD Encoder Replacing Video Tutorial here in the forums? maybe this could be helpful to you. or just search for it on youtube. if you are 100% sure the encoders are done and you can’t/don’t want to do it yourself, order a few- or a full set of encoders from Elektron and i could do it for you for 20 Bucks (in euros). i’m located in germany. by the way, the Data Entry Encoder was the most difficult one to remove, because the pins are also connected to a metal plate threr under the green platic stuff, which made the removal quite hard. so be careful, not that you- or someone else damages the board and tracks. the other 9 Paramter Encoders were quite easy to remove for me. just a bit time consuming^^


Ok !
Thank you for answering me. I try to find your vidéo. I am going to try to repair myself the machinedrum but if it’s too complicated i ll contact you.

Thank’s again


okay. but the replacing of the data entry encoder is not shown in the videos, because it was the first one i’ve started with, days before i recorded the videos. i’m pretty sure i still have the broken remains somewhere. i can make a photo of it if you ask for it. by the way, during the soldering session, i used solder without lead and the soldering iron was partly not hot enough i did reaslised later lol



the support sent me encoders for free ! Thanks to them. All is ok now !