What's your TECHNO setup

I have an old silver babyface mk1 so it seems not. It works but I need an ADAT expander to get the most from that set up. Otherwise it becomes a bit fiddly sadly.

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As in multiple in’s? Cuz I think I’d just sample the computer into my Blackbox or OT stereo.

Yeah it sounds amazing like that. I need the extra 8 inputs for the MPC. Then I would probably record a synth per mono in straight through the RME.

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Currently using a Digitakt and 84Hp eurorack skiff case. Obviously load up samples of other stuff into digitakt. May add my Octatrack and swap back out to a Rytm again in the future.

short setup for the moment : Analog Rytm +TT303 + mackie 1202 and bluesky reverb


Currently converting my old Boss pedal board into a neat portable DT/OT setup. My x0xb0x also fits where the DT does :blush:


That’s neat!

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Really neat!
I’ve seen those pedalboards with the small rib in top R taken out and more electronics crammed in too - room for a couple of pedals or a volca/tetra.

I think I’m going to try and fit a RNLA and hopefully still have some room to do something neat with the cabling.

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@og_tea_boi that’s an intriguing arrangement. I’ve tried getting Bitwig to sync to an external MIDI clock source, and it looks and sounds stable until I try using any clocked effects within Bitwig (e.g., a clocked Delay device). then, I hear dopplering / pitch warbling from the delay effect when Bitwig is slaved to anything else.

do you not experience this? if not, maybe I should try harder and experiment with other configurations of slaving Bitwig. I have had to give up on syncing my hardware with Bitwig because I rely on an Expert Sleepers USAMO for this, and there is a nasty bug in Bitwig that renders USAMO unusable in combination with any other VSTs.

Basically, the MPC was master and it was feeding to Bitwig via an ancient E-mu 0404 via usb.

Midi out from the pc, was coming via RME baby face.

The thing is, the 2500 clock always fluctuates, and I’m happy with that effect. Apart from the normal deviations, there were no issues.

I will say things like sync in Bitwig are affectEd by buffer settings, lower the better. If you search out admiral bumblebee in YouTube he goes through it all.

At one point, I had recorded audio bang on the line, every single time, using the DN as audio device at 64 buffer. Then it just stopped working. I could 90% null recorded audio with live audio audio. Which is probably about as close as you can get.

Some fresh (techno) audio of the OT+Typhon pair:


Dope AF

I use my A4/OT for techno dance stuff. So immediate and easy to crank out tracks. My latest project has been building a modular techno rack. So far been a blast.


Just added the Rytm to the pack. Antiques to most, Dream team for me.


My latest setup


If I was to look for you in the phone book, would I have to search under “Mr Techno”?

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Nice. Do you need two Squids?

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I think i found my dream setup for now. This is a little video of a little jam. meanwhile i bought a bigger case.

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