What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 2)

What?: Casiotone 7000
Whatfor?: Make cheesy tunes and practice playing sheet music (has a sheet music holder) :smiley:


This exactly!

You pretty much nailed my exact same experience with Ableton over the past few months. I also started out as a Reason user from like v2.5 & stuck with it for the rack’s workflow, upgrading every 5 versions or so.

Finally got around to trying Live Lite after buying a synth that came with a free download of it. Felt curious about using the Reason rack with a different sequencer and WOW.

Made an effort to learn Ableton over Christmas & had more fun doing that than expected. Plus having the Reason rack in Ableton made it feel like good value, like I wasn’t ditching hundred of $ making the switch.

Buying the discounted v11 Suite after the announcement of v12 was a very easy choice.



$10 off at Sweetwater so I ordered one for storing the Push 3 when not in use. It’s a snug fit but not too tight. I could probably fit my TR-6S and MC-101 in there too if I wanted.


What: a studio space in my home*
What for?: an impending mid-life crisis.

All the room needs to be ready is a few minor bits like a picture rail for hanging acoustic treatment panels (don’t like the idea of permanently fixing them to the walls). Bought the Audiofuse 16rig, Gold 7s, stands & power conditioners as upgrades to current gear.

Will also get a set of basic Ikea drawers (Malms?) and a nice rug to really bring the room together.

Can’t wait to get it all set up!


I’d say it’s the best type of crisis.


These days midlife is like 47 years old, but you’re never too young or too old to buy your way out of a slump. Looks like a fun crisis to me too, expect to see the outcome shared in the your setups thread, looking forward to it!


47 as of two weeks ago. :laughing:


I’m 37 and in midlife crisis but maybe just the first wave? :joy:

Put a deposit on Destiny+ 16 Psyche & Nord Grand 2 coming in March

Skipped the porsche and got synths



Happy Birthday, I give you the go ahead to panic and spend a little more cash, our little secret.

reminds me of this:

better mileage!


And Greta approved :slight_smile:


Justmusic in Berlin, they say europes largest music store of around 7.000 m², closes until the end of the month. I went there a last time and bought for almost half the price (€ 390,-):

Alvarez AB60CE

It went through my mind since years.

Intention: Learn and have fun. No cables, no electricity, pure fun. Love it! Just beginning (with very basic skills on standard guitar) with the bass part of just the two of us (Grover Washington Jr.) and much basic training every day. Simply great.


Cheers! I’m definitely gonna be posting pics to the set ups thread!

I’ll be 40 in a few months. 2 weeks later will be the first child’s birth. So I might’ve promised the Mrs to make a few albums of gentle ambient music for the bub as a way of justifying the renovation & blow out.

Haven’t told her about making breakcore albums for the terrible 2s. :laughing:


30 was the birthday where I panicked the most, 40 I was somehow already resolved to. Congrats on your wild life though! Hope everything goes well.


How do you like it so far?
I am also eyeing one of these, this thing seems to be a feedback/distortion goldmine.

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Every sound it makes is awesome (as can be heard in the great vids from the creator) :slight_smile: It’s also possible to make repetitive motifs with the hands for example, and I think one can get good in “playing” it. Or just make awesome noisy sounds freely, sample that, or … :wink:

Cool! Do you already tried using it as an effect? i think its possible to route external audio thru it, no?

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Haven’t panicked yet, happy/shocked each birthday that I made another year!


Yeah it’s awesome for that too and makes interesting things (I was silently including that in what I wrote :wink: ), here is it just with some random kick https://www.instagram.com/p/C3-bY2mCPfL/

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Super nice finished room! Love the flooring too! Enjoy the space!


Congrats on making it to 40, and the child!

Same. I chalk it up to having 10 years to mentally prepare for the big 40. While 30 just comes out of nowhere because of all the self medication.