What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 2)

Did you also get the wooden side panels? I’ve never seen one with those.
I feel your pain about the voice chips and crackling pots. The 106 is a cursed synth.

Also from SynthSpa. The original plastic end caps were beat to sh*t.

Huh! I’d have thought having those two that close together would have cracked the tile beneath.


Intentions are largely underway: finding out exactly how two uo_C can be better than one, as if there is any doubt, and just how huge that DC-2e can get under its modulations and through the Lyra8-FX.

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New skin from mxpand for my worn out looking ES2, resprayed the chassis too before applying it as the edges were a bit scuffed, came out a lot better than my crap picture of it :joy:

Intention finish some stuff.


Custom designed Zendrum percussion controller with ambidextrous layout (when I want to set it up that way).

Intention: to keep the drums going while either hand breaks free any time to do what’s needed elsewhere in my setup.


I don’t know what any of that is, but it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


Each of those 60 black plastic caps is a finger-tappable MIDI trigger with adjustable, full-range dynamic response. You assign each one a note and channel for fingerdrumming. There are two control units because the antique firmware can only manage a maximum of 30 triggers. Speaking of antique, dig the 7-segment LED readouts.


Looks very awesome! What are he benefits of those buttons over a modern device like the Launchpad Pro series, that brings Velocity and AfterTouch to the table?

Zendrum has the best dynamic response of any percussion controller I’ve ever used. If you play your own drum parts, especially live in different musical genres with something like BFD3’s 64 stereo velocity layers, I’ve never experienced another controller that even comes close.

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The real secret about dance music production is the ghost producer. :wink:

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And wrote the book :slight_smile:

If you don’t have to pay for it was it ever a secret in the first place?

Upgraded from MKI’s to MKII’s two weeks ago and totally blown away by them.
Intention to build sets and play live again, maybe create an album or two, but mainly just continue building kits and patterns.


Not a synth, but it’s cute. Intention: to quantify one possible risk proxy as I return to in-person lecturing this fall.


It should be under 1500. That’s the limit for classrooms in my school. Over 1500, they suggest to open the door or take a 10 minutes walk.


There’s a joke somewhere in there about taking too long mastering your mix :ghost:

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The rooms in which I tend to teach (don’t have the fall schedule yet) don’t have windows (let alone ones that can open) or climate controls I can access. Even my office has a sealed window. One potential issue with this device is that if the number spikes, probably about the only thing I can do is worry.

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No windows in my classroom since 25 years, only a door, 4 walls and a ceiling.

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nice. ours shows just how much of each other’s air we’re huffing overnight with the bedroom door and windows closed. it was alarming. i brought it to an indoor conference/training event recently and was pleasantly surprised to see the levels no higher than 1000 or so despite most people not wearing masks. good luck, wear a mask, stay healthy.