What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 2)

Nice choice – let us know how you get along with it. I’ve been curious about the various models since they came out.

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That orange Pulsar is absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes:

And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Ether if you haven’t used one before… small but mighty! Have it tethered to a small Zoom or Tascam recorder and take it everywhere with you.


I had the desktop version a few years ago. Traded it and a Zen Delay for my OT Mk2 with the intention of getting another Hydrasynth some day. So I already know it’s an amazing synth and I think I’ll absolutely love it in this cute lil battery operated form. Looks like a lot of fun.


Yes. Loop on/off is set in the Nord sample edit software.

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To my mild annoyance I discovered the other day that the AR MK 1 isn’t a USB host so it doesn’t provide power to devices through the USB port (e.g. MIDI controllers), so I couldn’t connect my NanoKontrol Studio controller. This solves that problem - it’s a bluetooth MIDI dongle. It draws power from the MIDI out to provide power for the MIDI in. It means I can control my AR MK 1 from NanoKontrol Studio over bluetooth without wires. I can now use the two together without a computer (or other MIDI device) in the middle.

To be honest I was expecting to have all kinds of setup hassles but it “just worked”. I literally plugged it into my AR and switched on the NanoKontrol and they connected immediately! It also means that I can use my AR as a step sequencer and controller for software without even having the AR physically connected to the computer with a USB cable!


This is the last piece of gear I bought before #NGNY22.
My intention is to keep droning and making other insect noises!
And learn to incorporate such sounds in my tracks.

I also have the intention to not buy any gear during 2022, so this would be the last addition to my rig (except the Osmose that I already prepaid a part of, and the next speculated Elektron jewel).


:sunglasses: :musical_keyboard: :heart_eyes:

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ugh. someone talk me out from buying Numerology :laughing:

PS. in natural habitat:


If you are fine with a bit of a learning curve, check out PureData.
Less specific than Numerology and way less GUI, but quite capable and free.

Well I’m in deep now, sitting browsing Modular Grid this morning whilst bored and so I invested in my first Modular Sequencer. I’m still online shopping so I think I’ll get the Hats-D and Cymbals this afternoon then add a couple of modules every month.

Signal Sounds was the best price with my account discount.

Coming tomorrow yay!


Ouch! Ok that’s it for this month… the drum sequencer an hour ago now I had to have this module. It’s slowly but surely coming together :+1:


Intention, to bloop everything…


After ordering the Erica Synths Drum Sequencer and Toms modules yesterday I got the urge after watching videos on the Sample Drum module just now at Juno UK.
Seems to suit my needs, arriving tomorrow.

Intentions: rack it! :+1:


Orange is nice for sure.

Two new bits, both an unexpected purchase.

And this expected failure means a new Tascam DA-20Mk2


Ooh! The postman has just been :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Erica Synths Toms and QD. These look and feel absolutely amazing.

I have the Erica Synths Sample Drum coming tomorrow and Monday comes the Erica Synths Drum Sequencer (been delayed over the weekend)
Very happy with my euro rack journey so far. :+1:


I am loving UVI Falcon and had a couple vouchers to use so I purchased World Suite 2 and IRCAM Solo Instruments at a nice price.

Strandberg Salen Jazz NX

I saw it listed on the store as a Refurb - thus at a decent discount over a new one - so I ordered it.
UPDATE: Review posted here



Thanks! Strandberg did a good enough job with the refurbish that I can’t tell what was refurbished.

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Saturday morning delivery. Also have the Drum Sequencer coming this afternoon with another courier. Happy these modules are beautiful :heart_eyes:

Intentions: Continue going to work and buying more modules :+1: