What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw] (Part 1)

I got quick immediate gas when I was drinking Sunday night

So I ordered this

And my intentions are to deal with this


Not a music-making thing, but related … I just ordered one of these and it should arrive by Thursday or Friday.

I’m basically expanding my own lighting capabilities for live performances where I need to provide PA and Lighting. I have just such a show coming up in about a week and a half, so it should be a little more lively in terms of visuals.

You can upgrade it yourself I believe… not too hard :smiley:

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Just got the MDUW also, wicked machine. Look into the Megacommand, it syncs with your MD to give you modern sequencer functions, like microtiming, cond trigs etc. they cost around 200 :smile:


They stopped selling these right, only on the 2nd hand market? Tried doing a quick google but couldn’t find anywhere that sells them?


Ask @JustinValer
MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive


Tickets to the Sweet Harmony Exhibition at the Saatchi gallery London. Had a blast. It’s well worth going if you’re in the area.


alright GANG, let’s hit the BAR! :beers:

recently I was teasing @nilsec that he should sell me his Cirklon. @Peoplemuver saw it, offered to sell me his. couldn’t refuse! been sequencing about 16 synths with an Octatrack for a while now and while it’s awesome, I’m VERY excited to dig into this :heart_eyes:


Congrats! it’s completely changed the way I make music :slight_smile:

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If you don’t have ample time to dive into all the new gear you’ve acquired, you can send it my way. I’ll take plenty of notes for you! :grin:


Motu Ultralite mk3 for multitrack recording into my DAW. Long overdue item. Not as glamorous as a new synth or fx pedal, but just as important, if not more.



a Second Neutron! really good vibes with this system! now iam researching for Buchla sound design and iam impressed how far you can push the Neutron into Buchla territory!! thx to the well thought patchbay and voice design.
iam a big fan since it’s 2x2 paraphonic with polyphonic voice allocation! extremely flexible!

equipped with REAN flexfit Knobs, next step is to mount the pots to the panel with nylon screws because behringer has thought about that, too. :fire: it doesn‘t wobble at all but it’s a good feeling if the pots are screwed to the frontplate.


Olympus LS 100 to record my DT, and to record some ambient sound anywhere and set it in background of lofi beat. Also record some cool sound in the nature.


They do make floppy spoofing drives that let you just use a properly formatted USB drive or sd card. I installed one in an old akai sampler.

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From what I’ve understood the Yamaha is particularly particular on these. It accepts only one brand or something.

Latest Purchase…

Intention, Techno, dreamy synth noise.


I’ve just ordered a Digitone too. Coming Tuesday.

I have a Digitakt and an OT MKII, but i’m going to be working on these machines separately. Just need to get my head around everything before I contemplate a more complex setup.

That said, I did promised myself i’d try a more minimal approach to music and sound design; so perhaps i’ll continue to work separately with each box.

No hard rules though. Just those that help to encourage productivity and enjoyment.


Just ordered this akai mg614… quite curious to how it will be versus a tascam 4 track. looking forward to resting my arms on that luxurious leather arm rest, just like a real pro!