What's with the new user trust level restrictions?

Hello, I am brand new to this site and this is my second post. Over the past hour I have encountered three restrictions that don’t make sense to me.

1 - I can’t download files that are publicly available to all users. Why? What is the benefit of this to anyone?
2 - I tried to upload 7 pictures to a thread about replacing the screen on older MM/MD units. I spent maybe 30 minutes preparing these pictures to help others out, but I can’t share them because I can only upload one picture at a time, as a new user.
3 - When I tried to post more than 3 times in one thread to share the 7 pictures, I hit a posting limit that prevents this.

The above restrictions have questionable benefit and also have the effect of discouraging my contributions to the forum. Forum Admins - any thoughts on this?

Well, this forum has one of the lowest spam ratios I have ever seen since these restrictions. So there’s that.

Unless you really want a new kitchen…



I’m a moderator, not an administrator, but I can tell you that this forum (like many others) uses the Discourse forum software and its built in “trust system”. This system encourages users to read existing topics and get to know the mood of the forum before posting frequently. This is also a protection against spam and bots, which have afflicted previous versions of the forum before the new software was adopted.

I hope you enjoy your time here; do take time to browse what people have posted and you will soon find that your “trust level” is increased.


Cheers Peter. I’ve read a ton of your informative posts over the years.


Expect restrictions whilst others seek to take advantage, this happens … if it was relaxed to suit your case it would also therefore suit a spammer’s case … that would mean more work for admins and more junk for everyone … this is the balance

All you need to do is be a patient active member and the restrictions will automatically lift, it’s a small price to pay … [quote=“JamesAmbient, post:1, topic:43811”]

The above restrictions have questionable benefit
from this side of the fence I can assure you you’re wrong on this one ![quote=“JamesAmbient, post:1, topic:43811”]

I can’t download files that are publicly available to all users.

they’re not available to all users, only trusted users which is a privilege earned by contributing to and getting involved with the community

best just be active, it’ll sort itself out




Wow, these bots are getting complex!



A few more thoughts:

  • I still don’t understand how the picture upload restriction prevents spam or relates to that somehow. See above Kitchens4Less.
  • Same thing applies to responding more than three times (before someone else does) in one thread. I encountered this because of the above item when trying to share useful information for the benefit of the board in the ‘red eye’ thread. That restriction also - does not prevent spam.
  • Locking out access to the downloads section doesn’t make sense at all. Since we’re all here because we’ve spent thousands on Elektron boxes - and the downloads section is quite specific to those boxes - I don’t understand why this should be restricted to anyone that signs up for an account on this forum. This speaks more to maintaining some kind of ‘members only club’ where owning an Elektron box is not enough to be part of that club. That’s ridiculous, exclusionary thinking considering that we’re all using the global internet. Also noticed that I can upload to that section but can’t download what I’ve uploaded.

If there is one feature that most likely prevents spam - it’s another one that I encountered that prevents posting more than X number of times in 24 hours. That’s the only rule that’s doing anything for this forum to discourage spam. The first three are rubbish.

Thank you for your input.
From my point of view, there is a restriction missing: I would love one that enforces a respectful tone, gentleman attitude, constructive spirit, positivity even when criticizing, and the least aggressiveness possible.
Icing on the cake being a pinch of humor here and there to soften a discussion.

I just can’t imagine how to make sure every newcomer had a good reading at the Guidelines but if you have suggestions I would appreciate it.


I saw trust levels mentioned a few times on here (mainly to do with Marketplace topics), but I couldn’t find out what they meant in any concrete kind of way. But I saw that @PeterHanes mentioned that it’s based on the Discourse forum design a couple of years back, so I dug it out. Here’s what all the levels are and what privileges come with each one:

If there are any customisations to the above that apply here, feel free to add them :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m only commenting here to get to the next level.

(But seriously, it is an interesting topic I didn’t know anything about :+1: )

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Haha, gamification at its finest :slightly_smiling_face:

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Funny, I was just wondering about this very subject.


a “harmless” social credit system for gamers :slight_smile:

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And if anyone is curious what your current level is, go your profile and hit the Expand button. Took me a bit to realize that it was available to see!

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Still only at Member level. How do I bump that up to L337?

By replying here? :wink: