What's the most playable drum machine?

under a grand! lots of control, partnering an Octatrack for live sets …

The TR8S is quite playable and within budget. Helps if you like x0x sounds and don’t mind some prep work to build your own sample-based kits. I pair mine with an Octatrack - they’re my primary devices. I love the faders and grew quite attached to them after using a TR707 (my first drum machine) for a long time.


Another up vote for the TR8 or TR8S … fader-fun and good updates


Elektron Analog Rytm with its Performance feature.


Yeah the 8s has been on my radar for yonks. I think that’s what I need. What’s it like for jamming on?


Yes. This.


Syntakt for digital and analog sounds.

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yeah man I looked at the rytm, I like the faders on 8s though. I’m coming from an mpc1000 being my main drum machine and I’m wanting a little more nuance in the control department.


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Or Digitakt

Basically the faders on the 8s and the depths of beauty in the Syntakt - its between these two

RYTM Md and cycles get my vote

This is entirely cycles ^^^

edit and here is MD:

and rytm:

and TR8s:

and Modor DR2:

hope this helps hahaha


We love it for jamming, but then jamming’s what we always seem to do. I like the copy/past edit next pattern whilst playing current…randomise was on a recent update and that’s been fun (and useful!). What’s been nice is pretty much anyone can get something out of it straight away…so if someone rocks up and wants to mess around then we either give them an 'hone app with non-sequenced swirly noises etc, or more likely the TR8S.

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PS For the money s/h on auction sites the TR8S is a steal ranging between £200-400.


I also vote TR8-S as well - very good sounds all around. I own a Rytm as well but just use it as a sampler for non-drum parts mostly as I dont like the Rytm’s analog drum sounds. TR8-S sounds great and for a live setting would be a good choice

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Another vote for the Rytm - but the TR8-S is also a good shout.

I think they’re both great with performance, in different ways, but the Rytm wins out on sound design and sonic capabilities IMO.


Its overbridge versus faders and realness of the syntackt . Faders on an elekton device would completely corner the market

…most playable means to me first of all…FINGERDRUMMING…so any older mpc will do…
playing single shots or phrases whenever u wanna hit for real…yeah…

but most likely, u ask for most perfomative…dunno…what’s most…?..tweaking single parameters, tweaking presetted macro controls, changing sequencer rowings, length, polymeters…hmmmm…

for setting up ur own macro controls…rytm and a4 are outstanding…

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Feeling doing mainly rhythms on a live set and some chords etc on the Ot so really its about what machine gives the most ability to play with timbre and envelopes and feels like you can react and modify your sounds in real time

probs simple controls like decay and volume. controller data will come from the Ot but jamming needs to be fluid. Perkons HD1 looks ace but a bit pricey

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