What tools started your music journey?

My first tools were:

  • Deluxe Music Construction Set
  • Music-X
  • Bars and Pipes Professional

I really wanted an Amiga 500 and did a presentation to my mom and dad on why we should get one. We did not have a lot of money, and I saved up from my paper route to help pay for it. When we did get it, I was amazed by EA Deluxe Music Construction Set.
Later it was Music-X, and Bars and Pipes Professional that got me into making music with computers. Surprisingly I did not get into trackers, although I loved what were called “demos” that showed cool realtime graphics and sound.

And most importantly I want to share the night theme from the game The Faery Tale Adventure on the Amiga. I hope it brings back some fond memories for some of you :slight_smile: That song was why I got into Music-X.

Warning - The MP3 is quite loud!

Best regards,



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