What’s your Key Index (KI)?

I’m at 19, then? Not counting the MPC or the Black box.

Yeah my TI is only about 23.

The Hydrasynth tries hard but still only has a TI of ONE.

You know monosynths can be really powerful, And yet they have low numbers.

Hm, I am driving a hybrid car, how much CI does this make?
KI … The A4 „Keyboard“ counted in: 145

I would suggest also CV Patchpoint Index, Slider Index vs Knob Index vs Voice Count Index, so that keyboardless synths can join the well whatever this is.

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We’re going to start an Elektronaut’s Census Bureau. I’m from the ECB !

I like all those ideas though.

Your hybrid, you count the Cylinders. EVs are Zeros.

I’ve got 86 fs keys in synthless keyboards. (AKA keyboard controllers.)

My Matriarch has 90 CVPI, haha!

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Ok, this is really nerdy but since I inspired the madness I better contribute. :slight_smile:

Not counting the keys on Microfreak and pads on MC707 and Hydrasynth.


Excellent. Actually forgot to add the reason why I am here. The Elektron Digitone :slight_smile:

No more keys of course.

Your NEW Nord Wave 2 is definitely a heavy hitter on the list there !

Good balance between V and K.

zero / zero / over 900 – i can’t find exact polyphony spec for at least one of my machines, Ferrofish B4000+.

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just a thought.

shouldn’t drummers use pad index instead of key index?

(then mine is 247 / 265 – depending on how to count multi-zone pads)

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-work truck, wife’s car, tools

-that’s only counting full size keys. If I had to add up the crates full of casios and what not it would probably be three times as high. And I’m not counting gutted keybeds in my electronics parts pile. Also worth mentioning is that this number is inflated by owning two dual manual organs.
I’m going to refrain from the VI stat as there is too much ambiguity in some of my gear to give a meaningful number.

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CI: 8
KI: 49
SVI: 63-91 (plus software)

Two 4-cylinder sedans.
One 49-key synth.
Eight synths, all but two multi-timbral, with one having as many as 8x4 voices.

Actually wondering about the Machinedrum. I counted it at 16 voices, but with the new machine types, you could make an argument that it’s as many as 64…

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Interesting to me how low everyone’s CI is. The thing in the radio show i mentioned at the top, was (humorously) that a normal cylinder index should be close to or exceed your age ! That’s probably a very American suburban male perspective on things.

What I didn’t ask, but could have, would be a Guitar Index. I know that for people bitten by the bug, that is probably well into the double digits. Alternately would be to count strings on necked stringed instruments, which for a lot of exotic string players would be well into triple digits.

Wow! Not that I’ve spent much time in the burbs but that seems insane to me. Aside from vehicles most things with internal combustion engines that average joes tend to own are single cylinder.

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I don’t want to insult anyone that enjoys their toys, but it’s not my thing either. But i’d bet if you did a survey across the US, and likely much of Europe too, the majority of people’s CI will exceed their KI or VI. We synth nerds are the outliers.

I have several neighbors here that like to use their leafblowers for fun. They even let others borrow it just for fun. I’m not joking.

Sure. I didn’t mean that to cause offense or insult to anyone, I was just genuinely surprised to hear that. With over 600 (full sized) keys I’m in no position to judge anyone based on hobby related possessions. I’m completely dodging your string index idea, oh the shame.

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That’s insane ! :grin:

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Lol funny topic. Mine is quite easy, my KI to CI ratio is 88:6. One midi keyboard and one vehicle. That will change if I move into a house though. I’ll have an upright piano and probably a lawn mower (what are those doing in the same sentence?)…

Synth voices is tougher to calculate since most of my hardware that makes sounds consists of eurorack and samplers. Anything poly I just use VSTs. So my number would be pretty low here. I like this thread it makes me feel like I don’t own too much stuff after all :grin: Just don’t make me start counting strings on my guitars


It is a bit insane. I have a few boards I love and a whole bunch that I saved from the landfill. I have a complicated relationship with “garbage”. I’m due for another big purge.