What’s the point? af new Sq midi out feature

Finally, we got the long waited sq midi out, but I didn’t saw the meaning if it’s not a extra midi track because:
1)currently midi out function is weak
2)only you can do is layer outside sound with af voice, if you think mute internal voice, use af as 6track sq, I feel that no point, all other elektron box can do better and keep internal sound useful
Elektron box have midi track bonus tradition, since first synth monomachine you got 6 extra midi track, digitake, Digitone and powerful OT(that the way midi control should be)
This is not a feature requirement topic,whatever af output midi or not, I always love my mk1 and mk2, and I am looking for buy a ak,is there someone could tell the smart use of this great 1.40 update feature!

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