What is a good price to negotiate for MNM or Machinedrum

I have a digitakt but I wanted something crazy like the synth engine of the MNM.

I don’t know how much I would benefit from machinedrum but mostly sticking to synth part.

It’s being sold for 2500 USD, what is a good price to go for?

Any under 2000 on sale just for minutes.
There are like 10 times more Digitakt sold than MNM. Simply there are much more new Elektron customers want to join the party than want to quit.
It was 1500 new so still reasonable to buy used for 2000.

How much do you want it?


Sold last year a MDMKII 900€

There are no good prices for MM and MD right now. There are other ways to enjoy crazy synthesis that are more reasonably priced than a monomachine.


I’m not sure if prices are not good right now.

I suspect they were deflated in recent years due to EOL products market saturation and now they have normalized.

If you look at the features / cost I think the silver machines compare favorably across the product landscape, including all the bang-for-buck mass market stuff. And especially the obvious comparison to the analog machines which painfully lack features. I won’t mention digi’s, they are toys by comparison.

If the silver machines have the sound and features you seek I think 2k is a fair price.

If you’re taking a punt, not sure if you like elektrons, maybe 2k is a bit of a risk though.

I’d also like to add: I believe OT’s offer exceptional value today. The last of the elektron god boxes. Has anyone else noticed that now is a good time to buy OT’s? :slight_smile: