What does [PTN] + [TRACK] with the pink light do?

We all know [FUNC] + [TRACK] mutes that track. I was busy looking for a SOLO equivalent so out of nowhere I thought I’d try [PTN] + [TRACK]. It muted the track, but weirdly the track button went pink. I’ve scoured the manual (probably not well enough) and come up blank.

Anyone know what this is?

EDIT: when the track is muted and pink, you can make it go blue via [FUNC] + [TRACK]…

Ok, obviously I find it in the manual within three minutes of posting this … on P24, it’s global mute vs pattern mute. So I guess that means that global mute (LED off) plus pattern mute (LED pink) equals LED blue (both mutes on at same time, both must be turned off to hear track again).

It does appear to be missing from the shortcuts table in the appendix.