What Are You Listening To Lately


Hot damn that production is impressive.


If you’ve already purchased the previous live sets, these are offered at a discount ($1.50 each for 24-bit WAVs). Couldn’t say no to that.


$1.50 each!?


I was at that Orlando show! Amazing.


My speakers are pretty much full time pumping this at me :brain::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is a snippet from each of the 7 tracks, seemed like an age waiting for the full release!


been going back and listening to Air’s catalogue lately with a more discerning ear. Moon Safari, Talkie Walkie, Pocket Symphony etc…such elegant compositions.


Agree, it’s more or less perfection. Especially the first two tracks


This one is great!

I’ve been listening to a lot of Lusine. This one literally blew my mind. Probably listened 127 times.`It’s almost a spiritual experience for me.


damn sorry but what kind of crappy music is he making nowadays (or is this another Lusine?) i prefered his early work like this:

or this one:


It’s a keenly priced discount but I’ll probably only pick up a few as I don’t have the stamina for 19 variations. I’m still trying to digest NTS and Elseq…

I know it’s early days but any recommendations for which sets diverge most from the last batch of Brussels, Graaf etc?

This does give me hope that they’ll make 2016 live sets available at some point. The gig at the old Granada Studios in Manchester was amazing.


I couldn’t help listening to Elseq 1–5 almost exclusively when it was released. For some reason it clicked with me and I still think it’s intensely pleasurable.

With the NTS sessions I’ve been taking small bites and chewing thoroughly, but I admit it’s been slow going.

For these latest Live concerts I’m trying to approach them in order of concert date. Last night I listened to the Portlandia concert, and halfway through my stamina only increased. :slight_smile:


Going through Mistabishi’s youtube page recently. This guy is doing so much with the new Electribes everyone loves to hate on. Imagine if he takes on some Elektron box :slight_smile:


Aye, I always listen to their new albums heavily when they first come out. And no matter how much I think I “get them” it’s only when I go back to the previous album I have another epiphany. My mate was asking for Elseq recommendations as he’s more of an AE dabbler so it probably is time to go back to that again. And the new (old) lives…


This only landed yesterday but I’ve heard it 5 times already.
Er, WOW :astonished:


Just bought RUINER on Steam because it was on sale, and I’m blown away by the soundtrack:


Love that act. How are they getting those signature sounds, like at the beginning of that clip? Noise osc and LFOs?


in one interview they said that they work with raw oscillators and exponential uncontrolled processes, so no sequencing or heaps of automated modulations, basically “adding modulations by hand” and free-oscillation lfo’s etc.


Shotgun Wedding is great too as well as any of the Rowland Howard endeavors.


I’ve been spending a fair bit of time digesting the recent Farmersmanual collection that’s snappily titled as Singles. Weirdly on their bandcamp it shows as for pre-order for release last month but when you do that it lets you download the full thing. So, a real mixed bag of various experimental gubbins from over their career - I like to put it on random and just soak up half an hour of whatever chucked at me.



miam !