What am I doing wrong?

What am I doing wrong? I have MOOG Mother32 connected to MIDI channel 11. When I press trig, Mother plays, but when I play a track on Digitakt and I press trig, suddenly there is no sound from Mother …

Are you using a MIDI track? If so, have you muted the track?

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I have nothing muted. It’s just that when Digitakt is running, trig doesn’t respond to the midi track. At the same time, Mother MIDI flashes, so o and knows about the signal, but is silent.

It’s not clear. We need more infos on the Digitakt MIDI Settings and how the M32 is connected to the DT.

Yeah, I think you’ve just got it muted but if you didn’t see it when you checked it might be the purple one, the pattern mute

I have bad English. Before I explain it, I would rather record it :slight_smile:

is it possible the mother 32 sequecer is playing and doing something odd?

You are doing nothing wrong, it should work.

Try with another midi device to isolate the problem. It can be the Moog or the DT.
If it work with another midi device, the moog have a problem, else, the DT have a problem.

If it’s the DT, double check every settings in the menu.

Please open new project and try again

It looks like it. I remember my mother32 always starting internal sequencer when hooked up to DT midi clock.

I’m not sending a midi clock. I only send notes that I have set in Digitakt.

OK. There is also a transport setting which starts mother32 seq. Can you confirm m32 seq is not running ?

But I don’t want to run in Mother sequencer. I just want Mother to make a sound when a sequence is playing on Digitakt.